More Than A Wanna’ Be

Many faithful people in the Bible capture my attention and admiration, and I wanna’ be like them. “I gotta’ be like them,” I tell myself,…. especially like the centurion and the Syrophenician woman. I see their character traits as representative of the finishing touches we need to be fully formed, but who will have the kind of faith that they had? Far too many of us have allowed rejection to hold us back, but not that faith-filled woman! “Even the dogs eat the crumbs!” she cried out boldly, refusing to take “no” for an answer. I can’t imagine humbling myself in the face of rejection like she did, but Christ in me can, and I’ve purposed in my heart to be a “gonna’ be” like her. It’s the Lord Who put the dream in my heart that I can be an overcomer and He put it in yours, too.

In a literal dream some time ago, I was shown overcoming the flesh, the world and the devil, and yea, when I have His righteousness completely worked in me, not just imputed righteousness, the world shall see HIM in me. In that dream, I saw myself ascending, declaring “Christ is risen in me, the kingdoms of this world have become the kingdoms of our Lord!” Oh yes, all the NATIONS that are within shall be ruled over-…..nations like condemnation, indoctrination, incrimination, insubordination, abomination, alienation, assassination, hallucination, contamination, dissemination, divination, denominations, inclinations and more. Think of it: The kingdom is WITHIN,… the king is WITHIN and all our imagiNATIONS are WITHIN: Truly, as a man thinketh, SO IS HE!

In another dream, I was shown that exercising “authority” was the key to deliverance and freedom, and I have so longed for the day of full authority activated in us. The story of the centurion has revealed an even more important key which is that we must be UNDER authority in order to have it ourselves: God’s thoughts are to be our thoughts and His ways are to become ours. Do you know anyone yet, who speaks ONLY His words and does ONLY His will? Well, get ready to see the GLORY of Himself as US manifested…. It’s coming!

The first word the Lord put in my mind this morning was “centurion Shiloh,” and then as I was singing in tongues, “Shiloh” came several more times. I want to point out that in my dream I was ascending to the throne-…. the place of rulership-…. the place of authority where the manchild is caught up to be. The Word of God states that he that overcomes will sit on the throne… not some “literal” place, but the same place that the Word of God instructs: “Come BOLDLY to the throne.” (Hebrews 4: 16) There are not TWO thrones, brethren- one out there somewhere, and one in us…. Hear it: When Jesus was here on earth, the Bible records that He was in heaven AT THE SAME TIME His feet were on the earth. (John 3: 13)

Long ago when the Lord Jesus said that He had no place to lay His head, He wasn’t talking about a literal place…. He was saying that His body wasn’t yet formed for His headship to reside in. We’re to labor to enter into rest, because it’s THEN that He has a place to lay His head. The Messianic name “Shiloh” means “HE WHOSE IT IS” with “it” referring to the scepter… the staff…. the rod. Other meanings of “Shiloh” are “offspring, rest-giver, peace-bringer, the one sent out, peace, tranquil and REST.” So WHO is this one that has the rulership (the scepter)?: There is no doubt that He is CHRIST… the many who are the ONE seed- the head and the body as ONE being.

So let us follow now in the footsteps of the centurion and be totally under our Lord’s authority. If we do, all the “wanna’-be’s” will be sure to be “gonna’ be’s,”…. even centurion-like BEings full of faith, power and love. Yea, on that day, every eye shall behold His glory in us, because don’t you know?: Christ IN US is the hope of glory! We ARE HIS GLORY and He shall be glorified in the BEing of all us “wanna’ be’s” changed into


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