Religious Form No More

“Form of Truth” was a very powerful minister in the religious world…. Wherever he went with his damning message, balls of fire would descend from the second heaven leaving huge holes at his feet preventing anyone from coming near him. “Don’t touch me! I am holier than you!” he would shout at the people not through words, but through the expression on his face. The people reverenced him as a God thinking his keeping all the dead words of the Book with his much fasting, his observances of the high holy days, and all the other fastidiously observed rituals he performed were signs of his being a great holy one.

“Cherished Form,” as he was sometimes called by his few select friends who were exact copies of him, would always have a twinkle in his eye when he was flattered by them, which they did often. His twinkle was not filled with light however… It was a strange substance that looked like light called “False Understanding,” and this deceptive force shined out of him upon everyone that came near him. He was received well in the “Kingdom of Religion” for as long as its citizens received “Form,” they could cling to their old ways. How they loved “Self-effort” and “Pride,” the two sons of “Form,” bowing down to them always in great adoration. They made a statue called “Man’s Great Accomplishments” in honor of them. Oh how the religious mindset was to be “Somebody” who could bring fire down from heaven… who could have works of renown that could dazzle the people.

But nobody yet had the power to do this except “Form of the Truth,” so they made him King of the unrighteous domain called “Religious Works” which was Adam’s fig leaf magnified. Man’s nakedness had to be covered by something, or all would be seen in their shame, eh? None in the land of “Religious Works” realized that they could be naked and unashamed, so work, work, work they did, never feeling right about themselves… always wondering why they couldn’t be happy and satisfied.

One day “Amorous,” a little child walked into town having no idea that she was naked because true light filled her being and shined out everywhere. While it was true that she was naked, no one realized she was because the light covered her perfectly. Her business named “True Works by Faith and Love” was set up by her Father in Heaven right in the center of town. “Whoever heard of a child having her own company?” the people said to themselves, marveling over it. This company was like no other in that angels were employed to draw hearts that were ready to “Amorous.” It was interesting that when “Amorous” was named, her mother Eve wanted to call her “Love,” but because her Father knew her great calling and destiny, he named her “Amorous” instead, because love has to have action … even a great out-raying of it and indeed (in deed), “Amorous” was just that. 

Soon, nearly the whole town was drawn to her. Her childlike ways were a delight… something that was never seen before in the land of “Religious Works”…. She had no signs accompanying her like the meteorites “Form of Truth” had that left big holes in the earth, but she did have signs. Hers were that the sick were healed…. devils were cast out… rivers of living waters flowed out of her in which people could be cleansed and protection was provided through her touch that delivered people from their enemies. 

A trumpet blared from heaven on the day “True Works by Faith and Love” was established in town. “Form of Truth,” it announced, “You shall no longer reign. “Religious Works,” you shall no longer be!” While it looked like “Form of Truth” and “Religious Works” still had a strong foothold in the land, not so! With the arrival of “Amorous,” the seed of Christ had been planted… the seed that could only bring forth life, not death. Indeed, the spirit of the law of life operating in that seed would bring information, reformation, and transformation!

Hallelujah! Nonconformists are coming…. even formidable sons of God!

Author’s note: While the religious form of truth has got to go, I sure wish I had looked at the form of my WordPress post yesterday before sending it out. Somehow the first paragraph on “She Loves Bangles” got switched and became the second one, so now my message is: “Pay attention to online forms, or you’ll mess up like I did.” Sigh!

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