She Loves Bangles

What are you wearing today? Whether we realize it or not, our choices make statements about ourselves that convey more than we suppose. When I thought of someone I was once close to, I asked the Lord why I hadn’t heard from her. Like a helicopter landing on top of a penthouse’s rooftop with a bang, He responded, saying: “She loves bangles.”…. and I said: “Huh?” So here’s what I was shown in regards to my “Huh?”: Clothing and jewelry represent a person’s attitudes and what he or she wears psychologically. Our Lord wants us to adorn ourselves with majesty, excellence, beauty and glory. (Job 40: 10)…. even with that which fits us to a “T.” The Hebrew letter “T” (Tav) means “mark,” and we, like Paul, are called to bear the mark of the Lord Jesus…. even the mark of suffering, persecution and glory from having obeyed the Truth. God was letting me know that this bangles-lover had separated herself from me because she had rejected the word of truth I had shared with her.

A bangle is a “rigid” ornamental band that doesn’t conform to the wrist, but rather, the wrist conforms to it. As a representation of “form,” it does not fit us to a tee. Can you hear the Lord saying that He didn’t come to bring peace, but a sword? He offended people left and right, and so it is with us. If we are truly following Him, division and persecution come because of our (His) light being rejected….Sadly, far too often, God’s people won’t let go of old wineskins. Tell me: How can we go on to perfection if we don’t move on from the elementary principles? We can’t. The Lord told his disciples that they weren’t yet able to bear the truth, and this has been true also, of us. Yes, I too, have persecuted others who had fresh revelations that I rejected in the past. I believe that our biggest temptation is to misunderstand the “living Word” and to misinterpret the written Word of God, thinking “it must be this way or that way, or it is error.” How many of us choose to wear a bangle instead of a wristwatch, watching for God to reveal His thoughts and ways that are not ours?

“Enoch’s Door” came in my tongues a few days ago and some of the meanings of the name “Enoch” are “trained, initiated, inaugurated, consecrated and dedicated.” We need “form” in order to be trained, but once we learn the law which is a schoolmaster, we then are trained…. In order to walk through “Enoch’s door,” … in order to have the testimony that we please God…..in order to not taste death, FORM HAS GOT TO GO!

There’s a choice to be made: We can be wearing bangles and a little black box hat on our bald heads, or we can be decked out in glory, beauty, majesty and excellence. Which shall it be?

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