The Book Of Love

“The Great Shepherd” waited patiently… His little protégé was lagging behind because of not following the instructions He had given to her. “The Thunderous One” had blocked her hearing in “The valley of Humiliation,” and the sound of his voice echoed over and over again so loudly that the shepherd’s still small voice could not be heard,… the voice of love that called her to reckon herself dead to sin… to put on the whole armor of God… to KNOW that it was Christ in her who was alive in her.

Consequently, her humiliation and sorrow became unbearable. “Rejection” put a crown upon her head and was ruling in full power. Her head hung low due to the weight of rejection’s crown and she was not able to rise above the temptation to hate herself. “Self” had all her attention, not “The Glorious One” who stood by waiting.

A little rabbit called “Wonder” came hopping along the path, singing: “I wonder… I wonder who wrote the book of love?” When “Wonder” saw the meek and lowly one who did not know her name, he asked her: “Do YOU know?” “Wonder” knew the answer to the question, but it was his calling from on High to sing the song and to ask the question wherever he went. He was a motivator to get people to think and to remember what they knew deep inside themselves-… Wonder, their very own essence in their being, had been lost in almost everyone, and the rabbit was a sign to them to become child-like in their being again. 

“What has happened to you young lady? Why have you allowed such an ugly crown to be put on your head?”

“I allowed it??” the little one responded in surprise. “I had no choice- It was forcefully put on me!”

“Aw, you know better!” “Wonder” admonished her. “Your thoughts made a way for the force of rejection’s power to break through and overtake you. Tiny seeds can grow into huge trees bearing either very good or evil fruit, you know, and “Rejection”’s seed was conceived in you with a thought. Now I, “Wonder,” have come to you with another thought: I give you the seed of “Favor.” It’s your job to water it and allow the sunshine of loving thoughts to nourish it and before you know it, the crown of rejection will be replaced by the crown of favor. I, a rabbit, have been given the name “Wonder” because wonder, like me, has the ability to multiply itself and flourish abundantly. I’m a sign to you of what the shepherd of your destiny has in store for you- See: I am covered in glory, so after you wear the crown of favor for a while, it shall become the crown of glory that shall never be removed from your head.”

“Wonder” got so happy in telling the little one this, he started doing the “Hippity Hoppity Dance of Splendor.” “You never learned to do this dance because you hung your head so low, you couldn’t look up to learn it. But see now with your spiritual eye that the time is almost come for your feet to dance, and for your heart to sing. After your tree of honor and favor has grown, I shall come to do the dance together with you. When this happens, “Sorrow” will no longer be in your life. Your name shall be changed to “Glee,” for it is written in “The Book of Life” that whoever overcomes the sorrows and temptations of this life shall put on joy forever. You shall know that you have always had the power to write your own book of love. And it shall come to pass that when anyone asks: ‘Who wrote your book of love?’, you shall shout: “Not I, but Christ in me as me!” and then tell them:

‘The same one is writing YOUR book!’”

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