The Perfect Antidote To The Virus

You and I have miracle-working power, but we can not do as we please if we want it to work. That power to heal the sick, cast out devils and raise the dead can be short-circuited if we do “our own thing” and we need to understand that making our different desires, different momentary wills, different thoughts, moods, etc. come under the rulership of the Holy Spirit is connected to what kind of faith and power we have. Did you know that the Greek word for faith is from the verb that means to persuade… “to make to obey”? How important it is to realize that we are under authority and that ALL sides of ourselves must obey in order for us to defeat the works of the enemy…. God’s children are to bear the name “Issac” (laughter) and laugh in the face of the devil, the corona virus or any other thing that comes to take away what God has provided for us. Peace, joy, prosperity and health are OURS to have and to keep by the power working in us… His power that we have through obedience.

It’s time for the people of the world to know that there’s not only a God in Heaven, but that the God of Heaven is in US. They’re waiting for us to DELIVER this moaning and groaning creation, so WHO is going to have their flesh under control to do it? How I pray that it’s YOU and that you take your rightful place just like the star in this allegory:


“Star Foam” appeared before the magistrate who was visibly shaken at the sight of her. “Who ARE you?!” he boomed in a voice that could be heard from outside the building. “How dare you come to this court room looking like you do?”

“Star Foam” had this reaction wherever she went and was accustomed to the stares and reproach her appearance brought, but here she was now in a court of law being judged for causing a raucous in the town square… People were afraid that her foam was carrying a deadly virus in it and panicked when they saw her. Bedlam erupted and the police were called in to apprehend her. Although she hadn’t done anything criminal, she was taken to the magistrate’s office because of the fear rampant due to the deadly virus and “Star Foam” was perceived as someone dangerous.

The Magistrate whose name was “Call to Order” was the only one in the city of “Disorder” who could be depended upon to make right decisions. He always had confidence to do so because he had the mind of Christ operative in his life. For a moment however, looking at “Star Foam” caused him to revert back to his carnal mind, and fear set in him, too. 

“Star Foam” was well aware of what was happening. She, too, had the mind of Christ and called out to her Father and his: “Let him look past my appearance and see the purpose of my being!” she cried. Immediately star light came forth out of her in such power that it almost knocked the magistrate off his seat. With the light came a voice,… a peaceful, calming voice, saying: “Star Foam” is a great sign and a wonder! If you will listen to her… If you will honor her knowing she is one sent from God, the way to deal with the deadly virus shall be made known to you.”

“Star Foam” bowed low to the magistrate… She honored all men and especially “Call to Order” knowing he deserved the greatest honor because the life and safety of the city depended on his decisions. How was she going to explain that she was actually an antidote to the virus and to every disease on the face of the earth?… that she was a sign to all of what needed to be done?

She kissed the magistrate’s feet, not directly, but by sending forth love’s fire that was in her. It gave warmth and rest to those feet that had been hurting from having to stand for righteousness in a day when evil had prevailed over much of the land. 

“Call to Order” saw the glow of love in the form of fire come out of “Star Foam,” finding its place in his feet. He marveled at the peace and warmth he experienced, as love went from the bottom of his feet to the top of his head and strangely, he saw “Star Foam” through different eyes. His voice mellowed as he asked her: “How is it you have such power?”

In great meekness, she addressed him: “Your Honor, the power that I have is not my own. It has been given to me from above and will be given to all the people who do what I have done. Have you ever watched the world famous Lipizzaner stallions perform?”

“Indeed, I have!” he responded quickly. “I have marveled at the precision and competence these majestic creatures have.”

“When you observed them, your Honor, did you notice that some of them foam at the mouth while they perform?” The magistrate nodded his head in affirmation. “Do you know the reason behind their mouths being filled with the foam?” she asked.

Not knowing the answer,  his curiosity was aroused. “Tell me!” he implored. 

“The foam indicates that they have learned obedience and are totally at ease enjoying doing the routines that took them so many years to learn. .. They are a sign, just as I am, of power and strength under control and the effect of coming into rest. Do you know that we are not the only signs of miracle working power?… The lowly caterpillar is one as well with its spumes (foam) which forms the cocoon in which it is transformed into a butterfly. The Aphrodite (Foam-born) butterfly itself is another sign.”

“Star Foam” went on to explain: “We are now living in the “Day of Vengeance”… The deadly virus and more catastrophic phenomena are coming because man’s anger and lust have been out of control and have come to the full. Only those who have learned to use anger righteously shall be safe… only those like me… stars who have risen out of the sea of humanity and ascended into heavenly places in Christ Jesus have the antidote.”

When “Star Foam” finished speaking, a trumpet blew from heaven…. “Hear the word from the messenger of God sent to show the way of salvation,” the voice of the sound announced. “The time has come for all men to choose what they will do with their anger, using it against evil or against God and His people.”

After the trumpet ceased blaring, there was a great silence in the room. “Call to Order” then rose from his bench and spoke with an authority from on High: “I now understand the power that anger has upon all mankind. I decree that transforming foam takes her place in all righteous men and that like Moses, they will go forth taking the kingdom for the glory of God. Be angry and sin not, you called ones of God! I call to order a NEW Kingdom for the time has come for the righteous to take their place.”

In the twinkling of an eye, “Star Foam” did so. Can you see her twinkling her light before every step you make now?

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