Love Like That

“Love Like That” stood on a high mountain, the highest mountain of all called “Coming into Immortality,” Only “Love Like That” could break through the barrier of “As One Pleases.” Her siblings “Have Your Own Way” and “Pretend To Be What You’re Not” were jealous of “Love Like That.” They didn’t want to pay the price she did to win the overcomer’s crown and reign on “Glory Mountain.” Therefore they remained who they were dwelling in the “High Places” that were abhorred by God, jealous of all that “Love Like That” had.

When “Love Like That” spoke, it was with authority, yet with a sweetness and gentleness at the same time. Because she had a smile as bright as a sun, everyone who saw her had their hearts melted by it, except for her sisters who always wore dark sunglasses, and others like them who preferred to see dimly. Actually, half the town was full of dimwits who ate only from the tree of the knowledge of good and evil. The fruit from that tree was the cause of all their eye problems, besides being the cause of their being dim witted. 

No one but those who ate from the tree of life could understand the kind of love “Love Like That” had… a love that would lay down its life for others and would rather be hurt herself than to bring harm to anyone. Because she had these qualities, she blessed everyone and made bread for all… a bread that had the seeds of life in it, which was the only thing that kept them going. Without the bread of life, no one would be able to know the truth about themselves or about God, because the bread was a builder-upper and name changer when fully digested and assimilated. Every person was slated for a new name, but few would receive it, because this was the age only for the purpose of forming ones like “Love Like That”… ones who would be the “Shekinah Glory” manifested on the earth.

It was hard for “Love Like That” to see her sisters the way they were. With all her heart she prayed for them day and night, but no change came because they had a will of their own that had to be surrendered. They did not know that they were in for great tribulation because of their stubbornness and their other willful ways, and that the final hour of the age was coming that would try all men who were wicked and those who were unwilling to bend their knees. Their woeful cries would not be heard because time and time again they had been given opportunities to change, and they would not.

Many would ask in great consternation: “What kind of a God would turn men to destruction?” They didn’t know that it was the same kind, who after their destruction would say: “Return, you children of men!” (Psalms 90: 3)-….. the same kind of just, but merciful God who knows that judgment (crisis) will bring forth righteousness and joy in the end. Ah, “Love Like That” knew this God… this One Who is “the Savior of all the world, especially of those who believe.” (1Timothy 4: 10) Yet, in this age, how many know that His plan is to restore everything and everyone, and that in the fullness of time, He will reconcile ALL things, whether in heaven or on earth? (Colossians 1: 20)

Ah, the ones like “Love Like That” know, and if your name is the same as hers, you know, too! Hallelujah!*

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