A Great Somebody

“Nobody” lived in the “Realm of Negative Thinking” that needed to be changed. There were many people who thought that “Nobody” was somebody, but because he believed that he was nobody, he was “Nobody.” This one, who thought so little of himself, was a target for busy bees who stung him all the time. He didn’t realize that the poison of their stings remained in him and clouded his thinking, just as a narcotic would do to the mind.

One day a very beautiful bee of an enlarged size appeared before His face. With a delightful perkiness and joy, she announced: “I am “Honey Dew,” a honey bee that will not sting you, as I am a representation of beauty and wonder inside of you. As an outward expression, my whole purpose is to enlighten your spirit and to pollinate you for the benefit of not only yourself, but for the world that awaits you. Don’t you know that you are a beautiful, blossoming flower with a fragrance like no other?

But “Nobody” didn’t know this with his mind, but He did know with his spirit, and soon his mind would catch on. “Honey Dew” always talked to his spirit with confidence, because she knew that no word spoken to an awakening soul by the Spirit would return void. She was soon going to fill the head of each person in God’s first-fruits company being on an end time mission ordained by the “Most High God.” Very quickly in the twinkling of an eye, her dew would descend upon the earth and the “Realm of Negative Thinking” would be no more. The busy, busy works of man, all attempts to measure up to the world’s standards, would also be no more.

“Honey Dew” looked “Nobody” sternly in the eye: “My message to you, young man, is to just “BE!”… Your accomplishments will all be wood and stubble burned up, if you don’t do what you do from the center of your BEing! Then what you intend to do will be initiated from your true guide, the Spirit of the “Living One,”….NOT your reasoning mind.”

“Honey Dew” heaved a big sigh. Her task was a huge one because the wisdom of man in the reasoning mind often seemed superior to the wisdom of God to mortal man. It was planned before the foundation of the world that dew was to fill the head of “The Beloved”… that the joining of the body to the head was dependent upon it.

“Be still and KNOW!” “Honey Dew” cried out! “Yada” is the key to ALL success… The doing that comes forth from “Yada” is the seed that’s to be planted, not the seed that comes from the weariness of much studying, and the fruitless activities that come from the carnal mind’s imagination. In the day of “Yada,” the “Realm of Negative Thinking” shall be no more. All the nobodies shall be amazingly glorious flowers in the King’s garden and their fragrance shall fill the air in the new realm called “Ecstasy of Love.” “Easy Spirit” reigns there.

Can you hear it? All you with the spirit of Christ who think you are nobody:-… You are “SOMEBODY,” for you are one spirit with the “Spirit of the Lord”…. Truly, the body of Christ is the greatest someBODY there is- That’s YOU… That’s ME: the Morning Stars singing in harmony!… Shout for joy, you Sons of God who are the new creation-… SOMEBODIES inDEED‼️

Categories: Allegories, Writings

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