The Star Who Didn’t Want To Be One

“Wishing Star” did not want to be who she was. All night long she lamented: “All these people who make wishes on me have no faith at all. All they do is “wish, wish, wish. Where is their faith and where are their works? I can bear their wishes, no more!”

The moon called “More Light,” responded a little annoyed at the disgruntlement of the star because she was not making harmony which the lights were called to have together. “Do you want to be a black hole instead?” she asked curtly.

“Wha…. what do you mean?” the lone star, visibly stunned, reacted with her light flickering like it would go out. “Of course I don’t want to be a black hole!”

“Well, you will be, if you don’t do what you’re meant to do”, “More Light” matter of factly told her. “All those people wishing upon you have not yet learned the secrets of the universe, and you and your shine are a sign to them. YOU, disgruntled one, have a very important part to play, so do not lightly esteem “little beginnings.”…. Wishes are needed before faith and works can come about. Look at me: Have you never heard the song: “When the moon hits your eye, like a bigga’ pizza pie, that’s amore”? You and I, and all the stars in the night are here signs to give the people of the earth hope in the darkness and to shine love on them.” The moon let out a big sigh as he remembered the time that he didn’t want to be what he was either. He wanted to be the sun shining in the day, but that was before the sun gave him a good talking to.

Oh how wise the sun’s words were to him: “Don’t you know if you were no longer the moon, how dark the world would be without you? I can tell you right now that you wouldn’t be happy being a sun, because that’s not what you were meant to be. True happiness, peace and joy can only come when you know the wonderful, unique purpose God had in mind for YOU when He created you. It is THEN that you’ll find contentment and be the blessing that you were meant to be…. Do you understand the sun’s words, little star?” he asked, hoping she did.

“But, but, but,” “Wishing Star” stammered. “How can I be content when most all the wishes people make on me don’t come true? I feel sad all the time because of it.”

The moon expanded his size in that moment from being a quarter to a full moon. “Now you listen here! Who told you that all wishes were meant to come true? They AREN’T, just as every sperm does not become a baby until a “right” connection is made and it’s likewise, before what’s wished for can come true. Wishes and prayers have to be directed in the right form and life is about learning what it takes to become the manifestation of them. Not all desires and wishes are true desires, and while others may be true ones, it takes time for them to be developed, just as it does for a seed to become a plant or a tree.

Then the moon went back to being his quarter-size as a witness of a principle that all who were part of “The Milky Way” had to learn. “Can you see nothing is ever meant to be the same? There’s a time to sow, a time in between, and a time to become. My fullness and my being quarter-size tell a secret-… one of the most important ones that people on earth need to find out, which is that forgiveness (#25- a quarter)) is what leads to fullness of light and joy. And you have a great secret, too, little star. Look at you: You not only shine bright, but you twinkle. Oh how this world needs twinkles…. even twinkling hearts of love and twinkling eyes of understanding. What a lovely. lovely purpose you have “Wishing Star”!

If “Wishing Star” could have danced, she would have. Her brightness turned up ten times brighter and oh my, her twinkles formed star dust that spread love everywhere. She finally was happy in who she was and knew that whether wishes came true or not, all the world was covered by her light and love. Oh yes, everything would become something beautiful and good in due time.

Can you hear “Wishing Star” up “high” shouting to all the people on earth; “Wish on! I’m listening, I’m loving, I’m shining and content. No black hole shall I be, because I’m wonderfully ME covering you with light and love.” When all do the same, don’t you know?: There’ll be a new heaven and a new earth, the sons of God will shout for joy and the daystars will sing again.

So you who have learned to “be” and to love: Is that the Daystar I hear singing now in YOUR heart?

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