The Perfect Honey

“Mellow” touched herself all over as if she couldn’t believe who she had become. “How can it be?” she wondered. “I, who was once so nervous and excitable, am now a woman of composure and rest. Am I for real?” The bee called “Prophecy” was nearby making honey and she heard “Mellow’s” thought. Yes, “Prophecy” not only could hear the thoughts of people, she could see what was behind them. Because she had been commissioned by the “Most High God” to look after “Mellow” to make sure her prophecy to her came true, she was never far from her little protégé.

Buzzing and circling over her head, she sang a happy song: “Your change has come mellow one, you shine just like the sun. You’ve been made to be heavenly, for all men to see: Glory! Glory! Glory!”

Then sitting on the tip of “Mellow’s” nose, she announced: “I’ve come to give you a new prophecy, little one. Because you are now living your name and have come into God’s rest, you’ve been chosen to assist the king in his final selections for the “Ordination.” You are an example of what God can do with someone who is willing, for you have learned what great power a surrendered will has, having submitted yours to your Lord: Yay, you have come to be still and to know that He is God. THEREFORE, you are “Mellow.” Isn’t it grand?!

With these words, all in heaven clapped their hands and then shouted together: “Yes, it IS grand! It’s awesome! It’s wonderful!” And in the midst of this standing ovation, an angel of the Lord came forth with a garland wreath, the “crown of life” to put on her head.

A flash thought came to her in that moment along with a picture that revealed how she came to be who she was. She saw herself as a lovely bright star flower and it was “Prophecy” pollinating her and producing rich, golden honey out of her. Dear, precious “Mellow” was prepared to be ordained with all the other pollinated flowers of “Glory” she would assist, and “Mellow”’s eyes were opened to see that the honey would be tasted of men to know that God is good!

Can you hear the trumpet blaring now, proclaiming: “Hooray! Hooray! The day of ordination is here! Joy has come for everyone!”? Yes, I think you can,…. because YOU’RE “God’s Honey”!

Categories: Allegories, Writings

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