See The Glory

“Secret” was amazing! She was a blessing wherever she went because she was/is the “Bringer of Life.” It’s true that on earth secrets are to be kept, but in the kingdom of God it is not so. There, secrets are to be revealed in their appointed times and because “Secret” was full of faith, she always knew the right time to tell secrets.

Angels accompanied her everywhere while other angels went before her, dropping flower petals on the path that had an aroma which could be smelled by spiritual ones.The detected scent was the first sign that readiness to hear had come for those who would come to know secrets. When the petals were smelled and then seen by spiritual eyes, ears perked up. In the kingdom, it is smell which is the first sense alerted for the coming of truth: Revelation could only be given after one breathed in the fragrance of knowledge of the Lord,…because sniffing it out, so to speak, is the trigger for the impartation of the light of truth. 

Many people have lost their sense of smell because when one is full of self, self’s body odor overwhelms every other smell. Oh, the “Land of Selfishness” was full of odious body odors. But every once in a while, there would be one who would wash in the pool of “Letting Go” and with body odor no longer overriding  the sense of smell, that one could breath in the essence of the flower petals bringing readiness of mind to receive life. Only those who had taken in the fragrance would be able to know the secret that “Secret” was to reveal to them. 

The two angels spotted “Longing” miles away. Not only could they see her light shining from a far distance, she, too, had a fragrance likened to a baby’s sweet breath that the wind carried to them. When the angels approached her in the form of common men, she wondered who they were as she had never seen them before and they had a scent like no other. “Longing” would not normally speak to strangers, but she was led to do so because these were so beautiful with a twinkle in their eyes that conveyed the unspoken thought: “There’s a secret to be told and you’re going to know it.”

““Longing” felt such an excitement. “Do you know the way to “Eternal Life”?” she asked them, surprised that she had asked such a question because it was not in her mind, but spontaneously erupted out of her own secret place. 

The angels smiled at her replying: “We have been sent to bring you to one who can answer your question. Because you washed in the pool of “Letting Go,” you have been made ready to be given your answer. Such a peace filled “Longing” and because of it, she instantly trusted these two messengers who started glowing in increased light before her eyes. “Come follow us” they beckoned.

Obediently, the little one did so, and off they went to the top of the mountain called “Sion” where “Secret” was waiting for her. “Longing” was almost blinded by her beauty… She had never seen anyone so captivating as “Secret” and her breath was almost taken away at that moment. “You’ve waited from the time you were born to know my secret, “Longing,” haven’t you?”

“Longing” was stunned by the question because she hadn’t realized until then, that what the angel spoke was true. “Oh my!” she thought, “Can I really know the way to eternal life?… Can I, who am mortal, become immortal?”

“Now ask the question everyone asks the mirror”, “Secret” instructed.

In dazzling brilliance, “Secret” unveiled herself to the one who had waited so long, and lo and behold: “Secret” was a mirror, but not just a mirror. She was multitudes of them crisscrossing in every direction that were not countable, yet they were one. As she gazed at her reflection in the mirror that reflected so many facets of light and life, “Longing”’s eyes were almost blinded but were not because her true self had miraculous keeping powers.

“Longing” obediently complied, almost shouting: “Mirror, mirror on the wall: Who’s the fairest one of them all?” Lights like neon flashing lights manifested in rainbow colors and in the twinkling of an eye, “Longing” saw herself as she really was and heard the thundering words: “YOU! KNOW that you, the Shekinah Glory of God are the hope of glory come true!”

Can you see her now, the many faceted mirror of you? She and you are one-…. even the secret of “No longer I but Christ” (Eternal Life) made known!

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