A Gutsy One

“Badgered” couldn’t stand up for herself. Long ago her will was lost in a maze of emotions that came out of a life that had no guts in it…. only “buts” and blame. She knew better than to entertain thoughts that were defeating, but old habits die slowly… especially habits formed in youth when there is no understanding.

Blame had become a part of her thinking that she couldn’t shake off,… especially blaming herself. In her mind, everything that did not go well was her fault… She could’a, should’a done something different. Alas, how was she to know that she was put on earth to become an overcomer and that making mistakes was part of the process? When Adam and Eve sinned making the biggest mistake of all, it was God who said: “Man has now become like one of us, knowing good and evil.” (Genesis 3: 22) His plan before the foundation of the world was that through the Lamb slain, good was to come out of evil. (Rev. 13: 8)…. Yay, soon “Badgered”’s guilt, shame, blame and condemnation would be no more.

The angel, who had always been with her called “Intuition Prodder,” was having a hard time getting her intuition to wake up, much less prodded. So another angel was called to assist from the outside world called “Come Up Ins,” who was a very unusual angel indeed. Everyone who heard his name thought it was “Comeuppance,” which was opposite of what his name meant. Instead of giving a deserved rebuke, ”Come Up Ins” was called to bring glad tidings of a better way to everyone: “Come up higher!” he would bellow. “You are called to dwell in the ins where joy resides…. “in” love, “in” worship, “in praise” and “in” thanksgiving. It’s in the “in” places that you’ll find rest…. There was no inn for baby Jesus, but now there can be one for Him when you dwell in these “ins,” and then badgering and comeuppance will find no place in you.”

Well I tell you, this messenger from the body of Christ sure had power. “Intuition Prodder” was jumping up and down big time in “Badgered”’s belly, and when he did, he was amazed that his foot kicked her into orbit right into heavenly places in Christ Jesus where she joined “Spirit”… The “Wake Up” call was on and IN!

With intuition awake and alive, “Spirit” could have his way…. even the way of salvation. “Badgered” was going to no longer be badgered, because “Spirit” took the lead and called “Worship” to come forth out of her innermost place. “You shall be called “Gutsy” now,” He told her. “You and “Intuition” shall join “Creativity” to set this world ablaze with “words of life” as you command that will of yours to obey your words. Then you can kick blame, guilt and shame out and never, never, NEVER accuse yourself again! Do you hear?

And whad’ya know?: She heard!

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