Glorious Joy

She was a King’s daughter but didn’t have a name. It was because on the day that the Queen gave birth, she, the King’s beloved, died, and in the commotion that ensued, no one realized that a servant had switched the King’s child with her sister’s baby who was born on the same day. To make sure that no one would ever connect the child to being the one of noble birth, the wicked servant slashed the cheek of the due heir with a knife.

The servant’s sister nursed both her own child and little “No Name” as she was called. When “No Name” was weaned, she was taken out of the land, “The Land of Beauty and New Life,” and brought to a town far away called “Forlorn Ville,” a place of no joy because the ground was filled with briars. 

An ugly scar had formed on “No Name’s” cheek and because of it, she never looked up. How could she know that looking up would be the means of her salvation?

“No Name” was raised by a poor servant named “Beguiled” who was not a wicked person, just a beguiled one who did not know her identity and therefore could not help “No Name” in knowing hers. Life had no wonder or beauty for either of them. They just existed.

Meanwhile, the King’s daughter, who was not his true daughter, grew in the lap of luxury. During the time of her upbringing, her mother had become the King’s concubine which caused her mother’s sister to become quite jealous. She hid her jealousy well from her sister and all the while, burning in her heart was the thought of usurping her sister’s place. “Infidelity” plotted day and night as to how she could do it, but an unseen hand from above prevented her.

“No Name,” far away in the town of “Forlorn Ville,” was becoming quite beautiful due to the influence of the birds. Cardinals, blue birds and doves from “The Most High” came to her every morning, cooing their songs of deliverance with words that found a place in “No Name’s” heart… The words: “You are not who you think you are,” filled her with questions, especially the “Who am I?” one. No one in the town of “Forlorn” knew her  beginnings, and the scar on “No Name’s” cheek had so marred her beauty that no one ever suspected who she was or desired to know. 

One day the King’s courier came with an announcement to the people of “Forlorn Ville”: “All are invited at the King’s command to come before him, because “Forlorn Ville” is the town picked by the King to become transformed. Everyone is ordained to be changed and the King’s helpers are here now with the materials necessary for his plans to be executed.”

“No Name” looked like her mother, but because of the detracting scar on her face and the shabby clothes she wore, no one recognized it until the clothes of “Glory” were given to all the people to wear. Even with the clothes of “Glory” on her, she could not look up. Her golden hair hung over her face, covering so much of it that no one could see her clearly.

However, on the day that each one was called to stand before the King in their glorious apparel, the king’s command “Look up” compelled “No Name” to obey. A gasp was heard throughout “King Noble’s” court because at that moment, it could not be denied that “No Name” looked exactly like her mother queen “Beloved,” except for the ugly scar. King “Noble” trembled and nearly fainted when he saw her. “Aloysius,” the daughter who was not his daughter by blood, was standing by his side and realized how deeply stirred the King was. She had been told of the switch at birth, but never dreamed that one day, the King’s true daughter would appear.

“Aloysius,” although not a blood daughter, was one by nature with her name “Aloysius” that meant “Noble,” the same name as the King. She, too, heard the songs of the birds each day, and their words came at that instant revealing “No Name’s” identity to her.

All in the King’s palace were astir  knowing something of great importance had taken place, but they didn’t know what that was until the messenger from on High called “The Trump” appeared. “Behold the King’s daughter” he commanded, “and bow low!” Everyone did what was commanded of them except of course, the King who was shaking, overwhelmed with joy and amazement that this could be.

“The Trump” had more to declare after everyone rose to their feet. “The name of your princess is “Glorious Joy,” and the scar on her face is a sign to you:  Hers is visible, but yours is not, although you all have the same scar. It can only be removed when you turn the other cheek to those who have harmed you. When you render good for evil, the name of “Glorious Joy” will be your name as well, for it is not only the name of your princess, it is the name of the new kingdom.”

Birds came flying from every direction landing on each person‘s shoulder who had purposed in their hearts to obey the command to turn the other cheek. The bluebirds of happiness sang a new song in such beautiful harmony that it caused a cloud with great light bursting through it to appear. When this happened everyone embraced each other with “Aloysius, “King Noble” and “Glorious Joy” entwined as one in their midst. The scar on “Glorious Joy’s” cheek instantly disappeared as well as the scars in everyone’s hearts fulfilling the prophecy:

“Behold, how good and pleasant it is for brethren to dwell in unity: it is like the precious ointment upon the head, that ran down upon the beard, even Aaron’s beard that went down the skirts of his garments.

As the dew of Hermon, and as the due that descended upon the mountains of Zion: for there the Lord commanded the blessing, even LIFE FOREVERMORE”! (Psalm 33: 1-3) on

Indeed, the kingdom had come!

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