Do You Know Whatcha Got?

In the beginning of the dream I had last night, there was a large room that had only chairs and couches in it. People entered a few at a time, and after everyone was seated, they were waiting and waiting for a leader to come. I was there and found myself deliberating whether I should say what was on my heart or not. Finally, I stood up in the center of the room and spoke, reminding the people of the power that the Iraelites had when just two of them were gathered together-…. how that ten thousand of the enemy were put to flight by them.

These are some thoughts that have come now concerning its interpretation: The chairs represent being seated in Christ and the couches signify resting places. The people waiting for an external leader, but one not appearing reveals one of the most profound understandings we must have to fulfill our destinies: When we were children growing up in the Lord, we needed leaders to teach and guide us, but when Christ is fully developed in us,…. when we are seated in Him and resting in “Who He is in us,” THE LORD is the leader in us.

In John 8: 18 it’s recorded that Jesus said: “I am one witness. and my Father Who sent me is the other.” He did not need a leader outside Himself, and It is the same for those who have Christ fully formed in them. God is wanting us to realize the great power that we each have when we are seated IN HIM and have entered into rest. 

An example of this to us is the Apostle Paul who needed no man to teach him: He knew everything that the disciples had been taught in their three and a half years of being with Jesus and he learned it all by “revelation” while he was ALONE. Only God knows what the future holds for us and we must be secure in realizing that He that is in us is more than enough to meet any situation: We have power over ALL the works of the enemy, but it first comes through prayer which I believe is the most powerful force man has been given. It is by praying that we can know the mind and will of God and that we can experience His presence which strengthens us. Experiencing God Himself as us, “no longer I, but Christ,” gives us the faith to do the impossible, because it is HIS faith. THEN we can decree a thing and it SURELY will come to pass.

Now I want to share the words that I received two days ago which complements this message. For those who have not read my previous posts or who have never heard the teaching that God’s image is both male and female (Genesis 1: 27,) it’s important for you to see that when God made Adam, Eve was inside Adam. The two were one being at that time, so by this, we can see that God’s image is male and female as “One,” NOT in the perverted sense like transgenders are in the flesh, but in the spiritual sense of both male and female virtues working together in balance: God has the characteristics that are in men like strength, firmness, power, and authority as well as having softness, tenderness, and the nurturing qualities associated with women.

These are the words God spoke two days ago that put wonder in my heart: “A Shulamite woman is here” and minutes later, He added: “A meek man is here.” I believe it requires what both represent to come together for the full stature of Christ to be manifested. It takes meekness (male) to be in us in order for our soul (female) to come into “peace” and to be “complete,” which is the meaning of the name “Shulamite.” One of my favorite books is “Humility” by Andrew Murray, and in it he states that “Humility” (meekness,) the place of entire dependence on God, is the first duty and the highest virtue of man. It is the root of EVERY virtue. And so pride, or the loss of this humility, is the root of every sin and evil.” 

The words recorded in the Bible that “the time is coming and is now,” (John 4: 23, John 5:25) let us know there is a process involved in God’s Word coming to pass. This word stating that the Shulamite is here and that the meek man is here marks “the beginning” of it coming about. In previous posts, I have written about what is involved in our “BeComing,”…. even much, MUCH tribulation and overcoming for us to become whole, and now the Shulamite woman…. the woman “of love” is ON THE SCENE… She has no other loves! She is the only woman recorded in the Bible who openly expresses her love with “WORDS”… Oh brethren, words of life…. words of love are flowing out of her (you and me) now. For those of you who have never read the allegory “Nothing in Herself” included in my “About Michele” post, I urge you to read it, as this cherished writing came in almost dictation form to me. https://ridetheheavens.com/about-michele/ It is THIS woman I’ve dreamed of you and I becoming, and hallelujah!

We’ve got a God Who makes dreams come true!

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  1. The soul and spirit is within us
    all humans
    the bad and the good
    are of indivisible human dignity

    pointing the finger at the wicked the others
    three fingers always point back to me

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  2. I don’t know how it is I missed replying to your wise comment, dear one. Bless you and thank you for taking your precious time to write it. I was encouraged by your thoughtfulness even though my expression of gratitude was delayed.


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