Happiness On “Cloud Twelve”

What if you knew that every mistake you made would turn into a blessing in the end? Some of you are probably saying: “No way!” as you think of something so bad that you hide under a rock every time you think of it. All of us have committed many sins, and here I am stating that our mistakes, even our worst sins, most surely will work for the good, but there’s the catch: It can only happen for those “WHO LOVE GOD AND ARE THE CALLED ACCORDING TO HIS PURPOSE.” If that’s you, it’s time to start living a joyous life.

I remember a message that I didn’t receive from a hitchhiker that my husband picked up, thinking I’d be delighted to meet him. This man who had tattoos all over his body (and I do mean ALL OVER) was a true believer in Jesus. Tattoos in the 1990’s were looked upon as sinful by many Christians, and while the Lord had taught me never to judge people by their outward appearance, this hitchhiker was a challenge to me in more ways than one…. especially when he announced: “I can do no wrong!” “Where is this guy from?” I thought to myself: “Mars?” Now I know it was Heaven from whence he came with a message for me that I couldn’t hear…. Oh, how long it takes before we know that we are not our flesh, and how wretched we are until we know that we know this.

So now I have a confession to make: My writer’s womb birthed a “blooper” yesterday, but mind you: I can do no wrong! It’s my flesh’s womb that did it! I wrote on my post that I heard the words “a new day”.. and “a new day is coming,” but sigh! Those were NOT the words that came in my tongues. I got focused on the splinter and my pointing finger, and somehow the words given by the Spirit in my prayer language ended up in “La-la Land.” But thank God, the Good Lord turned it to good by putting me on cloud nine, and then moved me up to cloud twelve (the place of “ruling” thoughts) where I was able to recall the words He gave me. The Spirit actually sang: “true life”… and “a true life is coming!” Hosanna! I am finally realizing and I believe others are too, that as long as we eat from the tree of the knowledge of good and evil,…. as long as we are listening to and speaking about negative things, and as long as we identify with our flesh as being who we are, we are living out false identities… Thus we are NOT living a “TRUE” life. Oh brethren, that hitchhiker was right: The Bible says that our spirit joined with the spirit of the Lord is ONE spirit, and that spirit, which is WHO WE ARE, can do NO WRONG!

It’s true that the flesh can and does do wrong, but knowing we are NOT the flesh is a life-changer. “TRUE LIFE” is coming this very day. Hear it! Believe it! Come on now, all you who realize this: Rest with me on “Cloud Twelve” and watch God turn the mistakes of our flesh and all the evil done by it into good…. and then one day before we know it: ALL will be caught up in the clouds to meet Him!

Oh happy day! Jesus washed our sins away!

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