The Best To come

It has taken me a lifetime to overcome my tendency to fight for the truth, cutting off the ears of others with a far too ready sword. I’m sure Satan has been delighted with his trophy room of all those ears I did a number on. My ear removing days began when I became a teenager and I blush as I picture little ears, big ears, long ones, short ones and a few even with hearing aids still in them, pinned up in the devil’s showcase. But hallelujah! God sent me an angel a while ago called “Shhhh!” who poked me every time I was tempted to push my word on someone and shut them up. Today “Shhhh!” did a little triumphant dance around me and said “You don’t need me to remind you anymore…“Shhhh-ability!” is yours today.” Amazingly my brain has a wire in it that transmits “restraint” to my heart now and when it does, “Gentle speech” comes to change the atmosphere with a fragrance called “Congeniality.”

Next on my list to go is the “Gotta’ Be Right” spirit, and while I have made some progress in overcoming it, I gotta’ admit that I need “shhhh-ability” and more to help me. Who is there who doesn’t like to be right? We don’t want to be wrong, do we? Of course not, but it’s finally dawning on me with a lot of “Duh’s” flying like cuckoo birds in my head, it’s “Grace” that’s needed. Truth will always be known in the end, so all that’s necessary is to state what we think, leave it in “Grace”’s hands and do a whole lot of lovin’. What could be simpler? Oh that we all overcome every tendency that stands in the way of love, like “Dogmatic” did in this allegory:

The Great Power of Contrition

“Dogmatic” stole the light, covering it with his body of contempt. Oh how sure he was that he had the truth, but he didn’t. He was full of pride and hated those who didn’t think like he did. He was a manipulator, one who could by force convince others he was right,… that is until the Holy Spirit showed them differently.

Oh my! The confrontations that he had were many and because of them, peace was nowhere to be found… not in those he confronted and not within himself. His “know it all” attitude was known among all those he associated with. He wasn’t right like he thought and was only accepted by those who had the true heart of God and realized that he was blind.

One such one named “Little Maid of Honor” prayed for him continually. She realized how wretched he was not having peace, and oh how she willed for him and every man to have the peace that passed all understanding. “Little Maid” was the best friend of the “Bride of Christ” and there was no one in the “Land of Promise” like her. This land was the beginning place of every man’s journey into “Wholeness,” the final destiny of all who proved to be righteous, faithful and true…. It was the place where conception of truth was birthed by believing the promise of God and growing in faith in order for the maturity of the bride to come forth.

Every day “Little Maid” decreed the promise of God over “Dogmatic” believing even this one, who was so dogmatic, rude, and controlling, could also come into the kingdom when he repented. She prayed for the angel “Contrition” to be sent to him for she knew that contrition was the key for his turnaround, even the way for every man’s transformation. And so it came to pass that when “Contrition” appeared to “Dogmatic,” he didn’t receive her at first, because she was not dressed in fine clothing, but in sackcloth. He thought she looked terrible and shoved her aside pushing her with his hand of disapproval. However, “Contrition” had a child angel with her whose name was “Beginning of Life,” and he was drawn to this little one each time she said: “Let there be light!” “Dogmatic” couldn’t resist her. After the third time she said “Let there be light,” the scales came off his eyes and he could see clearly through the new ones given to him to see what was underneath “Contrition’s” clothing of sackcloth-… a heart of pure gold encased in diamond truth.

Great, great conviction came into him in the moment “Contrition” boldly declared: “Only the pure in heart shall see God…. Only the pure in heart shall know the truth! Are you ready to have your heart cleansed and error removed from your mind “Dogmatic”?” the angel asked him.

Indeed he was, and in that moment, he was raised up to be the best doorkeeper in the kingdom of God ever…. And wouldn’t you know?: Open-minded” became his new name. He was “Dogmatic” no more!

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