A Prize Is Coming

“Schooled Well” could hardly contain herself. Graduation day had come and she was the valedictorian of her class. Her understanding of the principles of love caused her to excel above all the others. It was not just her understanding, but her application of it through wisdom that made her the fine person and the great achiever that she was. 

Her teachers applauded her more than any other student from the time she entered the University of “Becoming Who You Are,” also known as “The Real You Coming Forth.”

When “Schooled Well” was asked how she was able to become #1 in her class, she.would tell them it was because she had the best teacher ever inside of her, “The Holy Spirit” who could always be depended upon to reveal truth and revelation to her. 

How well she got to know Him for she made it a point to consult Him concerning everything… especially  “Love.” She was fully aware that “Love never fails” and because she had it in her heart to know all she could about love, she never failed. 

Her favorite course was “Knowing Kindness” and because her heart was set upon being kind, “kindness” became alive in her touching everyone she knew, covering them with the sweetest fragrance. 

“Schooled Well” never behaved herself unseemly, never thought evil about others or sought her own. Because of the “Holy Spirit’s” teaching on adopting Godly ways, she hated evil and always rejoiced in the truth. 

When others were rude and unkind to her, she was never offended by them because she knew that they had been influenced by the wrong teacher, the “Hater of All Mankind.” She instantly forgave them and suffered long with her accusers and those who hated her, rendering good for evil to them. What a faithful one she was when those who were in need came to her giving them all she had without ever having a second thought about what she might be losing. 

Her patience and long-suffering were unmatched, and because she excelled above all others in these attributes, she would be given a special award on graduation day. Everyone knew that she would not be puffed up when she was honored, for she had a meek and lowly spirit that was constant in approaching life’s circumstances. “Faith, hope and charity” had become like giants living inside her, imparting their essence to every person in her life. Oh my, she was a “Wonder” to behold!

She didn’t know that her Father had written in her book of life, that on the day of her graduation she would be married to “Perfection.” All of heaven was awaiting the time when “Honesty” would spread the lilies of “Purity” on the ground of “Understanding” where the ceremony would be held.

You, who will be attending this commemoration, can you see yourself in your mind’s eye with all the people of the kingdom of Peace, Joy and Righteousness there? Can you see the chief official of the land, “The “Overseer of Life,” announcing that “Schooled-Well” has won the highest award of all… even the PRIZE?

Do you know what it is? If you don’t, you will when you are schooled well!”

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