Come Dance With The Stars

The stars had never learned to dance because the dance that was uniquely theirs was not one that could be taught or learned, and also because the time for their dance had not come yet. It was ordained that the meekest of the stars would do it first when the “Daystars” sang their new song…. The notes of their music would then enter the cells of men and the entrance of “Harmony” would unlock the power to automatically do anything and everything because the stars’ desires would be the Father’s desires. On THAT day, the “Dance of Togetherness” would begin and the secret of abundant life would be made known.

Although the lowly ones had been left out of the group of stars called “The Eagle,” they were meant to be in this company shining as the brightest of them. The eagle was a “single-eyed” one and the outcasts had a calling to be in the very center of its eye with every corresponding cell in the body of Christ moving into their rightful positions. But alas! The ones who were the most honorable were dishonored, and great disturbance was in the heavens because of it.

Just before the “Daystars” were to sing, the “Father” thundered in the loudest sound ever heard. Lightning came forth with such power that had it touched anything solid, existence on earth would no longer be. All heard the thunder, but not the “Father”’s voice except for those who had been hated and rejected by men. These were the chosen ones of God who had come to know the still small voice in the days of their rejection, and now they would be the first to know the “Voice” in the thunder and be endued with power to do the greater works. These stars would shine the brightest of them all giving glory to God, not to themselves.

“The Father” spoke clearly to the stars which lost their places in the firmament and hence were not shining in the hearts of the leaders of those who had not done right. “You have allowed the members of the “Body of Christ” to call you “Reverend,” “Father,” “Rabbi” and other names by which you have stolen my glory. You have named the ministries which I entrusted to you with your own names and have manipulated my people to fill your coffers full of money to feed yourselves. While some of you ignorantly followed what men did before you and have not taken money to serve your bellies, you still have stolen my honor. My “Son”’s example to you was plainly revealed in my Word which you chose to ignore.

Then a whip came out of His mouth that cracked the ground upon which the feet of the people on earth whose stars were displaced and they became terrified. “I have called you by my name and given you my power, my gifts, my anointing, and my grace, but you have stolen my glory and many of you have done despite to my little ones who you deemed unworthy of honor. Woe to you if you do not repent and woe, woe, woe to all who do not kiss the feet of my “true” ones…the very ones that you persecuted and rejected. I am not sitting on the throne of your hearts as you have supposed, but instead, your self-glorification and pride are there in them usurping my rule.

Again, the whip was cracked out of which many more whips came forth striking the backs of those who had done wrong, but this time were in the hands of the tormentors who were sent to all who judged unrighteously. “Your judgments have been a stench in my nostrils and to all the inhabitants of the earth. You have been in bed with the Harlot making money, position and power your gods and you have allowed Jezebel to teach all who you have gathered under you to be YOUR followers. Hear you who have not followed my ways: Some of you, but only a few, will receive my words and it is to you I am extending my mercy if you will repent. “THIS is the day of my power…. This is the day that the last will be raised to the top and those who have been first will be brought low. Again I say: “Woe to you who allow “Self” to rule: If you do not repent, you will find yourselves in outer darkness gnashing your teeth and wailing because you hardened your hearts and wanted to be esteemed and honored above my little ones: Hear now, you who have been deaf and blind: I was the ONE you dishonored when you dishonored them.”

The flow of fire subsided from the Father’s lips after His wrath boomed out to the ones who were wise in their own eyes. Then in the sweetest voice, the “Son” Who was standing there alongside the “Father,” cooed like a dove to the members of His body in great tenderness a: “This is OUR time, my Beloved…. even the time you have waited for, …. even you who have lovingly forgiven and blessed others.” The All Glorious One winked at them as He spoke and in the instant He did, all the stars who were called to be in the center of the eagle’s eye winked, too, and that’s how the “The Dance of Togetherness” began.

So you who are His “BeComing Stars”: Fulfill your calling now: Harmonize! Wink! Twinkle! Light up the world!…. It’s time to dance and shine!

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