Bring It On!

“Disquieted” attempted to touch her toes as she had tried to do many times, but to no avail. Her flexibility left many years ago after she had harbored offense and distanced herself from her mother. Her bending power only reached to the top of her knees because of it, and hence she could not fulfill her destiny of becoming a “Lover of All.” She would have to touch and love the lowest part of herself in order to be who she was meant to be. It seemed like she would never be able to do it, but one was coming named “Miraculous Grace” who would teach her how to bend low. The final lesson would be learned then by her and by the others who would overcome their carnal natures enabling them to enter into “Rest,” the Eden of Paradise.”

Enoch, perfected ones, and angels were called to help, but it was going to be difficult for “Disquieted” to learn the lesson because her heart had become hardened toward herself and others. Not only was her body stiff, but rigid thinking had set in along with a tiny seed of rebellion unbeknownst to her. A worm called “Dislike” settled in her spirit, marrying another worm named “Disdain,” and together they produced a family of very troubling, gnawing thoughts and emotions. However, the worms were contained by “Extra Grace,” the overseer of her body who had built a restraining wall around them. However the worms were able to move into a subconscious part of her mind waiting for a time to break through. They had the power to do so if “Disquieted” did not pass the lesson which included leaving 99 to go after one that was lost. The question was: “Would she do it?”

And it came to pass in the plan of “Wisdom” that two rabbits called “Lust” and “Promiscuity” came hopping along her path on the day she bent over able to reach the middle of her knees. Touching the middle coming over the top, opened up a prayer power she never had before, enabling her to hear and understand those speaking in a foreign language to her. No one would be able to enter “Rest” until they were able to hear and know what was in the hearts of others, but in order to do this, they first had to know their own hearts.

So here came not one, but two Peter cottontails, hopping down the bunny trail for her to look beyond their names and see the surprise that came with them. Both of them were outside pictures of what was inside her-…. even that which would turn into something very different. Oh, the bunnies’ baskets were full of surprise, as God in Heaven ordained every enemy to become a blessing in the end. These two were bringing a great life changing power in the baskets they carried.

It was “Promiscuity” who spoke up first: “Have you learned yet that sin brings forth death?” She leaned in closely to get a closer look at “Disquieted,” and having eyes to see the kind of fruit she produced, answered before “Disquieted” could respond. “Yes, I see you have: Your disposition shows it.”

Then “Lust” piped up, almost shouting: “You have known the “inner me” well who turned into lasciviousness long ago and “Shame” has been with you ever since. The blood of the Lamb cleansed you of your sins, and while you realized that “Shame” had no right to be in you, you have never kicked him out. Do you know why?” and she, like her sister, spoke up before “Disquieted” had a chance to reply. “Of course you don’t! If you did, “Shame” could not have remained in you.” “Goodness” and “Mercy,” the twins who have come with us, are here to bring you into reconciliation with yourself and with others. By getting a clear picture of yourself, and by facing all that’s in you, realize you can be set free, so so now listen up: ‘What tree was there in the beginning?’: You know that tree very well, don’t you? It was because of eating the fruit of the tree of the knowledge of good and evil that sin, death and all your troubles came… Yes, “Promiscuity” flourished because of it, but now you are to take a good look at me: “Lust,” and read my #. It’s time you read everybody’s numbers! What “Promiscuity” and I are carrying in our baskets is going to help you to do it, so get the truth in your mind right this minute, that if you don’t recognize your enemies, it will be impossible to defeat them.”

It was then that “Promiscuity” chimed in: “You can clearly see by looking at me what happens after sin is conceived. Today is the day that both “Lust” and I are to die in outward form and in our residence taken up in you. Seeing that “Disquieted” heard him in her innermost ears, he motioned for “Lust” to bring forth his basket and the two of them presented what was in them to her knowing that what they were carrying was the means to their death. God Himself, had shown them that before the foundation of the world, His plan was that all evil would be used for good and that life would come out of death. The two of them knew their natures as well as “Disquieted”’s would be changed and they were not only ready to die, but were joyously looking forward to being lustful and promiscuous NO MORE! How well they knew that no carnal lusts could be satisfied and that they all became addictions and misery in the end. Both of them felt honored that they were the ones chosen to bring forth the treasures in their baskets to “Disquieted.” With joy they took the cover off them, for soon “Lust” would be changed to “Love” and “Promiscuity” would bear the name “Faithful.”

You, who are peering into the baskets now: Do you have any idea of how great salt is? Do you know that it represents the attributes of El Shaddai (the All breasted one… the female side of God that is nurturing, kind and gentle…GRACE) and Yaweh (the law giver…. the male side of God that is firm, authoritative, and just… TRUTH) balanced TOGETHER? Do you know that you shall be disquieted and troubled no more after grace and truth become salt in you?

Temptation” and “Unbelief” suddenly appeared at that moment and tried to snatch the contents away, but it was too late. The baskets contained “Sodium” and “Chloride” and it was “Miraculous Grace” that instantly joined them together infusing their properties into “Disquieted,” whose name then became “Peace.”

NOW the time has come for God’s people who shake with the power of the Holy Ghost to shake a little salt on everyone … We must not lose our savor because the world needs to taste and see that the Lord is good and they can’t without us. So come on, you who are both salt shakers and salt:

Bring it on and shake, shake, SHAKE!

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