Indispensable!: That’s YOU!

Whenever God gives me a word, I know that although it is for me personally, it is also for ones like me, who love God and are the called according to His purpose. It’s true we don’t all have the same calling-…. the finger is not the toe, the cell in the eye is not directly joined to the cell in the liver, nor the cell in the liver next to a cell in the pancreas, but we are made one called to share all we have and all that we are with each other. As we look at our bodies, there’s a tendency to think that one cell really doesn’t matter that much, but what if every cell had a mindset to “not be” and opted out of life, if that were possible? There’d be no body. We all need each other… We all have a part to play and it’s a glorious part, for truly there is NOTHING more wondrous than the human body AND the body of Christ. Let no one think he doesn’t matter! That we more than matter was brought home when the Lord spoke these words to me which I believe He is speaking to you right now, too: He said: “You are an indispensable part of me!” Do we fully comprehend this?

We are living in a day when masks are covering the glorious face of man, both naturally and spiritually. The world and the devil want us to cover up, but we’ve been called to look upon our Lord with unveiled faces and I believe this includes looking upon Christ in each person, not just when we’re alone praying and worshiping God. Never has there been a time in history in which His glory needed to be made visible as in the day we’re living in. We can not cover up His life with a mask… God forbid!

I want to ask you, who are the ordinary people in this world doing what you think are menial jobs: “What would this world be like without you?” Our value concerning natural jobs pales next to what we’re called to accomplish in the Spirit world as we call forth the things that are not as though they are, as we remit people’s sins, as we change atmospheres just by our presence, as we minister in the power of the Holy Ghost with just one word or one touch that can change a life…Even if we’re isolated and have no one near us for miles, there is no distance in the Spirit. We ALL have powerful ministries my brethren, with our greatest ministry being loving God and loving one another. Oh yes, we are indispensable!

God inspired me to write the following allegory that I hope will encourage you to let everyone see that beautiful unveiled face of yours and the glory that’s in you:


“Expectation” wore a mask on her face from the day she turned three years old- … the day her father went away. The mask, a gift from him, was called “Joyless.” There was no mistaking that it was a gift because it was wrapped in shiny silver paper with a bright blue bow, but the present was a sadistic joke. From the day she put it on, everyone forgot that her name was “Expectation,” so “Joyless,” as she was hence known, spent her life without joy and without expecting a good end. Her friend “Doubting” went with her everywhere she went, along with her other so-called friend “Reproach.” They argued a lot whenever “Joyless” took off the mask to wipe the sweat off her face. Her face shined with so much light that it blinded and confused “Doubting” and “Reproach” and made them mad to see so much glory.

“Reproach” would be the one to shout “Cover yourself up, “Joyless.” You know that your mask is meant to be worn all the time. We’re not supposed to look at your face.” So “Joyless” concluded that the reason why her friends couldn’t bear to look at her was because she was ugly, so she would quickly obey “Reproach”’s order.2

There was one person in her life however, who treated her with a kindness and respect she had never known. “True Self” was his name. He was sent to her by her Heavenly Father and ordained to be her mate, but she didn’t know it.  “Doubting” and “Reproach” hated “True Self” for whenever he came near them, their bodies would tremble and they would freeze up barely able to breathe, much less speak a word.

“True Self” recognized them as enemies, but poor “Joyless” had been with them so long that she was blind to their nature. They had told her that the gift of her earthly father was always to be kept on her face- That it would be an insult to her father if she removed it. “Joyless” believed them except for the times that “True Self” would come near. When he was present, her heart pounded with excitement and with expectation and she would remember that she was once called “Expectation.” The fluttering in her heart would become so intense that she thought that she’d die.

“Dying-  What was that I was told through my grandfather, “Truth,” about dying?” she’d ask herself. “Why can’t I remember?” 

But before the answer would come, “Doubting” and “Reproach,” who could always read her mind, would chime in together: “You’re going to die, “Joyless,” and when you do, you’re going to be nothing. You won’t live again like you think. You’ll just become food for the worms.” But something in “Expectation”’s heart didn’t believe them. She couldn’t remember “Spirit”’s word because of “Reproach” and “Doubting”’s constant badgering, but the “Spirit of Truth” was within her, and her spirit knew the truth even if her mind didn’t. “I am going to live again,” she’d tell herself.

Sometimes a dream would come in which she would stumble and when she fell, she couldn’t get up. It was then “True Self” would come and sit on the ground with her. He had a key in his hand that he told her would unlock the secrets in her heart, but before she could use it though, she was required to kiss “True Self.” He told her the kiss would make all the difference. The dream would end and “Joyless” would hear “Doubting” and “Reproach”’s words screaming in her ears: “When you kiss “True Self,” you’ll turn into a frog. Don’t you know that “True Self” doesn’t want you to be who you really are. He wants to change you and make you his slave. That key is not going to reveal secrets- Instead it will make you aware of your uncleanness.”

“Joyless” was afraid because she knew that indeed uncleanness was within her. She thought if she turned the key, more uncleanness would be shown to her. “No, no!” “Joyless screamed inside herself. She could not take the step of faith required of her. “True Self” knew that “Reproach” and “Doubting” had accomplished their purpose, but he also knew the “Host of Heaven” was at his side and that he had the power to overcome them. So, with the help of the “Dove,” he set about to accomplish his plan.

One night while “Joyless” was sleeping, he sent “Dove” to speak to her in her dream. “Dove” told her: “You are not who you think you are. Yes, you must recognize the unclean spirits that are in you, but you have mistaken them as being in your heart. Your heart is not unclean as you suppose. Remember now, who you are!” and as he spoke this to her, “Joyless” indeed did remember. She saw herself as a golden cell within a body radiating light that was so strong, it came forth as a jewel. She was connected to other radiating stones within this glorious body. Do you see who you really are now? “Dove” asked. “Why yes!” “Expectation” exclaimed. When you kiss “True Self,” instead of being afraid of him, your eyes will be opened and you will be changed. You will be HIM- it is a mystery for haven’t you heard “The Two shall be one? And just as your grandfather “Truth” told you, “You shall never die.”

Upon arising from her sleep, “True Self” was there and when she flung her arms around him, the mask flew off. The kiss that she feared would be the kiss of death was the kiss of life. “Oh my Beloved, oh my Beloved,” she cried with tears of joy. The mask was no more and “Expectation” became “The Good End”:

“The Glory of God Revealed!”

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