Winking And Strutting

This morning I was given a vision of a bride gloriously dressed in white and she was winking, winking and winking with great joy. One of the etymology’s meanings of the word “wink” is: “close one’s eyes (to fault or irregularity.)” Oh brethren, this bride, a daughter of Abraham, was/is winking because she’s not under the law and isn’t putting others under it either. I believe we have been amiss to impute sins to God’s people, but this doesn’t mean we don’t address sins in their lives and in ours. The Word of God plainly states it is our flesh that sins, not us, and that there is no condemnation to us who are in Christ Jesus. The winking bride in my vision is fully cognizant of this and she, like her Lord, does not impute sins to those who are His. Being finally dead to the law now, I am winking at you and myself with an extra twinkle in my eye and I pray you will be twinkling and winking back at me, too. It is also my hope that this allegory will have you exclaiming “Aha!” all over your world.

The “Aha” Strut

“Sterile” had been unproductive and melancholy since the day that “Desire”, his best friend left him. He had not always been “Sterile”; “Intrepid” was his given name, but without “Desire” in his life, his name was lost as well as his ambition and that is how he became “Sterile.” Time passed with him sinking deeper and deeper into depression, and how he could get “Desire” back, he didn’t know. When he was a little child, he often wished on a star, but he no longer had faith that his wishes could come true.

A butterfly suddenly landed on his nose. “What is wrong with you?” she inquired sternly with a look that said: ‘You’d better do something!’ I am a witness that you can change and that your dreams can come true.” She fluttered and whirled all around his head and winked at him. “A wink will do it!” she proclaimed and then winged her way upward toward the heavens where she lived.

“A wink?……How could a wink make a difference?” “Sterile” muttered to himself.

An ant near-by whose name was “Infinite Potential” heard him muttering and was compelled to speak to him. “I am a witness, too,” she announced. “Don’t you know that though I am little, I am known as being exceedingly wise because I prepare for the future. I gather my food in the summer, not in the winter when it’s too late. Why are you milling around? Get ready for what is to come “Intrepid.” Get ready by doing the will of our Father,” she instructed with penetrating power in her words. “I was put on earth for you to know the way. Will you learn by my example “Intrepid”?”

“Oh my!” he cried, startled and joyful that his name “Intrepid” was being used again. “Thank you, thank you!” he ecstatically responded as she scurried away about her business. She called me “Intrepid” and so did the butterfly. I haven’t been called by my real name since my mother died,” he shouted in wonder. “Intrepid” could feel his mother’s faith and love begin to come alive again in his heart. “Of course,” he exclaimed. “A wink of faith is my answer!” So he tried to wink, but instead of a wink, his eyelid shut down and wouldn’t open again. “What good is it to know the way if I can’t walk in it?” he lamented. What he didn’t know was that because his true name was being called again, he would surely become it. 

A little bluebird named “Remember” came out of nowhere and happily chirped in his ear: “Don’t you remember the story about “Jacob” being renamed “Israel,” but that for a while he was still called “Jacob”? His name “Israel” was realized when he became an overcomer. You, dear “Intrepid,” are an overcomer even though you don’t believe it yet.” Then “Remember” did a little happy strut on “Intrepid”’s shoulder exclaiming cheerfully; “Aha! Aha! I’m doing the “Aha Strut” and I want you to take careful notice: When you say “Aha,” you are like our Father who laughs because He knows the outcome of what He has created shall be good; “ALL things work for the good for those who love God and are the called according to His purpose”: That’s you “Intrepid”! You love God, don’t you? Of course, you do, so come learn to strut your stuff like me. Yes, come do the “Aha Strut.”

“Intrepid” couldn’t contain himself. “Aha, aha, aha!” he shouted. His eyelid no longer remained shut and his feet automatically came in line with his words and at that moment, movement began all over the earth. It trembled in excitement for it knew that it was coming into change. The world too, would become “Glory” when the dance of the “Aha Strut” was learned by all.

Can you hear the trumpet’s message sounding now? “Behold: “The Light Brigade” is on the horizon and look who’s leading them: audacious, bold, lion-hearted, and spunky “Intrepid”! So, what can be said now, but just give a little wink of faith and show YOUR stuff!

It’s “Aha” time to strut!

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