The Power Of Knowing

“You are not a “throw away”! “Spirit spoke loudly and plainly to the one who was badly marred, but His words were like a foreign language to her, not understood. Oh yes, she heard them with her outer ear and with her mind, but her heart was unable to receive the words of life. Buried down deep in her “treasure place” was a sharp, cutting stone called “Rejection.” It came from the spit of her mother and formed into a hard substance that became a part of her, just as it had become a part of her mother long ago when the sons of God rejected God’s daughters and married the daughters of men. Bitterness dwelled with rejection defiling the whole body of the mother, the daughter and all of creation. But ah! A new day was coming.

“Realization,” an angel who was eight feet tall, was sent to “Fancy Me,” who although was deaf to the voice of the inner man’s words of “acceptance,” was able to see the angel’s outer appearance. However, it was written in “The Book” that the outer would become as the inner and the inner as the outer and all would be well when “Realization’ came.

“Fancy Me” was not this glorious one’s true name. A false identity had become hers because her constant cry: “Fancy me, fancy me, fancy me,” wailed continually to everyone becoming what she was known by. How she wanted to be fully loved and accepted by others, but it was not possible because of the stone of rejection in her heart continually sending out the signal that said: “I am not worthy to be loved.” People read that signal clearly and believed it, but this was going to change because it was written in “The Book,” that love always prevails. It could NEVER fail. So now “Realization” was standing tall before her smiling down beams of light into her head with change coming through it. “Almighty God has heard your “S.O.S.” and I have been sent in response to it,” He cheerfully told her. “You must take my hand, little one, and renounce your name because it’s in “The Book” that you shall have a glorious name. Will you do this now?”

The angel shrunk in size at that moment and looked like an ordinary person, but with a face that shined like the sun. His smile was so compelling that she seized the moment and his hand as “one.” Her heart knew that this hand and this moment would change EVERYTHING.” “Realization”’s palm was on fire as his essence was imparted into her. “You don’t have to try to be fancy, working hard to be special,” he sweetly whispered to her because you already are special. However, before you know that you know this to be true, you first must know that you are ordinary like everyone else… ALL are ordinary vessels of clay and when you rejoice in this, the stone of rejection in you will begin to crystalize into a gem becoming what it is not, and yes, you will be special then. I shall walk with you during the crystallization process and I am going to call you: “Hey You” throughout it. Every time that I call you this name, you will realize that the “H”, “The Spirit” is working in you bringing you into your new name, which is not a new name at all, but the name that was given to you before the foundation of the world.”

As soon as “Realization” stopped speaking, another angel suddenly appeared and announced: “My name is “Successful Endeavor” and I shall be with you until you have my power IN you.” Then, all the angels sang in the most beautiful harmony the little one had ever heard, singing: “Surely goodness and mercy shall follow you ALL the days of your life!” and the heavens lit up in such great glory, that the earth responded with a shout of praise knowing “Good Will” was soon going to fill it.

“Hey You” trembled with excitement knowing her time of transformation had begun. The Angel “Successful Endeavor” wagged his forefinger back and forth in front of her face and prophesied: “Crystallization through contemplation and realization is coming…. Get ready, get ready, great ready to be what you’re meant to BE!” and with these words came a vision of her turning into the most glorious salt crystal imaginable-… oh yes, very ordinary, extra-ordinary salt… the substance that had not only the power to preserve, but to make itself and everything it touched change into beauty.

“Hey You” was getting “it” almost instantly because with crystallization came time-changing power. When the process of crystallization was complete, the stone of rejection and the stone of offense would be transformed into something they were not, and be called the “evil out of which came good.” “Successful Endeavor”’s power would make them into gems in the end as well, for you see: REALIZATION of God’s word: “No longer I, but CHRIST” made it so eons ago.

Now you who have been rejected and marred, too: Is “Realization” with you now and do YOU have eyes to see, as well?

If so, KNOW your name is “The Glory of God”!

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