The Key That Unlocks Heaven On Earth

Are you speaking to your body to be healed and it’s saying “No!” Mine, too, but I’ve discovered a secret that is going to cause our bodies to “mind” us. I decree now that these bodies of ours are going to come into timeless energy and have parts that work like well-oiled machinery. Oh yes, we’re going to be “oiled” with an anointing that not only breaks the yoke, but destroys it so that it can never be put back together. Hallelujah!

The Lord told me I was going to run with the horses and my spirit has, but my body hasn’t caught up yet with this word, seemingly crawling along like a turtle does. The key” has been there all the time for me to open health’s restoration, but even though it’s been in plain view, I didn’t see it. Many years ago, I was given a vision of myself in a wheelchair with a turtle alongside me going up an ironing board that was slanted with its bottom on the floor and its front end toward the ceiling. When we got “over the top,” I was no longer in a wheelchair, the turtle was nowhere in sight and the Spirit of the Lord said: “It’s going to take time to get things ironed out,” and oh my, it sure has…. much, much longer than I thought. Well, don’t you look at me as “holier than thou.”Abraham, Sarah, Moses and many others, strong in their faith, didn’t get their promises fulfilled immediately and neither do we, because it takes tIme to overcome our carnal nature.

This morning in a half awake/half asleep state, I heard the Spirit shout the words: “The Porsche.” Talk about horse power! However, this expensive, impressive car does NOT represent the highest ministry attainable for believers: I believe it symbolizes the power of the best that the world, flesh and the devil has. The name “Porsche” means “wolf” and some online sources have given the definition of “pig” to it. Oh how many of us are determined to achieve a goal by our own self-effort, not by God’s leading which is as a wolf come to take away our “God-substance.” I have been deceived by that which seems “oh so right to do” many times and ended in a “hellish” state, not the “heavenly” one as I expected. Just look at what happened after Sarah told Abraham to take Hagar to produce the promised seed. Truly, we do not need any more Ishmaels, but we have them, don’t we? Alas, during these last three days, I got one.

Some time ago when the Holy Spirit revealed that the word “bestial” spiritually referred to “form,” I still did not see its full implication and how easily I could be deceived by the form of godliness. Hear what the Spirit has revealed now: The way God leads other people to THEIR victory is never meant to be made into a formula on how to get OURS. My Ishmael came when I listened to the testimony of healing by a woman who had been instructed to spend her time studying and speaking the word specifically and only on healing while in isolation for 30 days. Did I ASK God if I should do this? NO! I should have known better than to walk in presumption, but off to Jericho I went with HER word and the only thing that came down (thankfully) was the error in my thinking to follow her. God never told me to stop writing for my blog, but I did so believing that her word would get me results… Yep, I was going to “work up” a manifestation.

Hallelujah that today I’ll not be driving a Porsche going in the wrong direction. Instead, by God’s grace, I’ll be at the wheel of a “Triumph Spitfire” ablaze not with wildfire, but with God’s fire and gene-changing spit. As soon as I had realized that “form” had usurped the Lord’s rulership in me, I was given “THE MISSING KEY” to ignite my triumph over the symptoms of illness in my body. There are lots of parts that make up a car:- the engine, gas pedal, steering wheel, tires, brakes etc. and likewise, there are lots of components connected with healing:-… forgiveness, doing unto others as we want done unto us, breaking curses, casting out spirits, speaking words of life, nullifying words of death, honoring our mothers and fathers, and more. And now finally, I’ve been given a major key that can get the car (ministry of life) “going for the gold.”

The children of Israel couldn’t enter into the promised land because of an evil heart of unbelief, and it is because of this same reason that we do not enter into rest and see all the promises of God come true. Until today, I thought unbelief was not fully believing that we were healed by His stripes, that He delivers us from all our troubles, that He provides for all our needs, and so on, and yes, that’s true, but God has shown me the ROOT cause and He used sports’ cars to reveal it. While I was singing in tongues, HE sang these words to me: “You are a good sport!” Now listen: GOD said it and whatever He says is true, even and especially when it looks otherwise. The definition of being a good sport is to “be generous, cheerful, and pleasant in a difficult situation.” Yep! I say: “That’s me!”

Oh brethren, there have been many, many times in my life during which I was definitely NOT THAT,” and now I know why: I was in UNBELIEF. If I really believed that ALL things worked out for the good for me, then I would have been CHEERY in EVERY situation. What I have finally realized is that if we want health in our bones and in our whatevers, then we’ve got to have cheer, because without it, we’ll dry up and die like the children of Israel did. So now that you know that faith that works by love needs cheer to enter into the promised land, I say: “Come on! Let’s put the key in “Triumph”’s ignition and GET ignited: Healing is OURS!” and…..

Cheers”! We’ve got them coming, too!

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