The Speaker

When our husband exclaims “Oh la la!” we gotta’ KNOW we’re really somethin’! Yeah! We got “IT”- the most beautiful essence in the world…. We’ve got HIS spirit, HIS fragrance and HIS power manifesting in glory THRILLING HIM! Imagine it! Yes, our Husband Who is our Maker wants us to not only imagine it, but believe that WE set His heart on fire as much as He does ours.

God made man in HIS spit and image and I believe that today is the day not only for His beauty to be manifested, but for His spit to come IN POWER in us, through us, AS US…. Oh yes, “SPIT”! Do you think it’s strange that we could manifest as “spit”…. as regenerative power? It is no more strange than God manifesting Himself as “Fire”!… He can take on any form that He pleases, and we, who are called to be just like Him, are about to do so, too! God’s purified ones are at the door of entering a new age, a new stage, a new realm taking the helm of worSHIP, FellowSHIP, headSHIP and championSHIP into new dimensions. Hallelujah! Hallelujah! Hallelujah!

I found myself spontaneously singing: “I got the “K,” “K,” “K”! So just what IS THAT, eh? As I stated in a previous post, the Hebrew letter “K” (Kaf) has many meanings:….the palm of a hand filled with sincerity (Kavannah), a cup of blessing for those who hold it and for those who drink from it (Kos,) he who is beaten (Kateet,) like oil which has been beaten from olives, until he is pure and fit (Kasher) and then Kaf transforms itself into “The Crown” (Keter.) Through many sufferings, many beatings, and by grace, all who follow the Lamb wherever He leads shall have that crown of life.

It’s not by chance that this terrible plague that has come upon our generation is called the “Corona” (crown) virus. The crown is at stake and all hell is at work to try to kill God’s rightful heirs to the throne. Just as Herod had all the babies put to death in an attempt to kill Jesus, Satan is moving in full power to try to wipe out those destined to rule with the Lord, but we got the “K,” “K,” “K” to defeat him along with the blood of the lamb and the word of our testimony. We are to know without a doubt that NO weapon formed against us shall succeed.

When the Lord gives a word, He often backs it up with a natural witness and the “oh la la” given to me this morning was no exception…. He’s wanting His bride, (me AND you) to realize just how exciting, glorious, wonderful, beautiful beyond anything God ever created we are… Oh yes: See it! Believe it! Know in the depth of your being how exquisite and lovely you are to our Lord.

My son gave me an unexpected gift tonight of a high definition speaker that amplifies sound like nothing I’ve previously owned. Sound was there in the beginning of creation when the day stars sang and the sons of God shouted for joy, and so it shall be at the end. But before I tell you the name of my new speaker and you start shouting for joy, I want to remind you that in the beginning God SAID: “Let there BE!” Adam and Eve heard the VOICE of God walking in the garden. He manifested Himself as thunder, and at the end of this age, it’s the voice of many waters that will be heard. The Spirit of God has made it known to those who have ears to hear WHO the many waters are and WHERE our great God is: Hallelujah! He’s in you and in me… He’s in our tongues, even the spoken Word.

Some people are half right when they say creation came into existence through a “Big Bang.” Truly, it was the big bang of God’s VOICE, and now the new heaven and the new earth shall come forth the same way. The name of the speaker my son gave me is a type and shadow of the “Speaker” the Son of God is in us…. even the voice of many waters called: “WONDER BOOM”!

“OH La La”!

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