Going For The Gold

How I love h’orderves and tasty little homemade whatevers that I don’t have to prepare myself and oh my, we have the best of the best chefs in heaven making them for us all the time. And if we’re positioned right (fully abiding in Him,) His personal hand comes too, popping them into our mouths. They are mouth watering indeed…. even water-words that goes deep into our bellies where they can do wonders and multiply themselves to be given to others. Yay! Out of our bellies flow LIVING waters!

So today, you’ll be getting a few of the treats that were given to me while I was singing in tongues. If anything gets Heaven cooking, it’s singing in the Spirit. I have shared before that the word “Ishi” was the first word given in tongues to a sister in Christ I knew and that it means “husband.” So imagine my delight when the word “Aruba” came meaning “A woman who loves her husband…. a happy and joyous woman!” THAT is God’s much loved bride… She’s ME! She’s YOU!”

THIS woman is called to share these munchies recently transported from above into song words for you and for me: “Come now “Shepherd-Bride,” come and be my queen.”….“Isha-bride, Caleb-sire”…. “Marita” (name meaning “lady” and “righteous”), “My cookie-bride” (cookie means “an attractive woman), “Lauren is here” (Lauren has the meaning of “sweet honor, wisdom, fame, spirit and victory…. seer of second sight”) and then this wonderful promise: “Daystar rest for me.” I believe that all of these words were given to let us know that God is PRESENTLY finding great pleasure in His bride, delighting in her because He has full reign in her.

Now I want to write about two other words that were given to me: One was a spoken one: “enamel door” and the other came in song: “Enoch coming to my door.” The etymology of “enamel” is “IN” and the Book of Revelation states that the Philadelphian church of brotherly love goes IN and doesn’t come out. I saw a vision of a blanket made of many, many pearls that was hers signifying that much suffering has made this exquisite covering. I had another vision of the Lord spitting into a hand with the result being that multitudes upon multitudes of diamonds came flowing out of it… His genes are in His spit and just as spit brought change to the blind man’s eyes, it will bring change to what we do (the hand.) When truth (the diamonds) guides us, all we do shall bring God glory.

When I thought about Enoch later, the Lord led me to listen to a message by Justin Paul Abraham called “Enoch and Humanity Restored.” Brethren, I have NEVER heard anything like it.

The following dream came that lines right up with Justin’s message: I was going to a meeting in an exotic place. (exotic etymology: “belonging to another country”… “foreign,” literally from “the outside.”) A handsome well-built man with a blonde crew cut whisked me up in his arms and whirled me around. Then a beautiful flower in full bloom appeared and afterwards, I admonished this man strongly with words that essentially said: “I don’t want a PLAYBOY!” In the next scene, I watched him swoop up my room-mate in his arms like he did me, and a beautiful flower appeared for her, too. In the last scene, there was a tall, very thin, handsome man who had a head of black hair standing on the sideline and I tapped him on the shoulder.

Would you believe that Justin had an encounter with Enoch and described him as having black hair? After we are fully built up by others (the crew) and have that power which comes from outside of us bringing glory with it (the fully bloomed flower,) we are then ready for Enoch and the communion with the spirits of just men made perfect. My tapping the shoulder of Enoch reveals I chose the governing power that came with him and was leaving childish things…the elementary principles which the PLAYboy represents.

This morning I had a vision of me doing an ice-skating dance with the Lord and then the scene quickly changed. I was to dance with him with my feet on the ground and He had me in his arms in order to begin that dance. The Lord informed me that I could not wear ice skates for it. One of the meanings I discovered for ice-skating is: “the self-propulsion and gliding of a person,” and learned that the etymology of to “skate” is “ to proceed in a superficial or blithe manner.” There will be NO SELF in this divine twosome mingling in love, and NO PLAYING around as has been done previously. Our feet are going to be on the ground with our mind in the heavenlies as we, the fully developed ones, begin to go forth into perfection.

My dream last night, which I won’t relay all of, had confirmation in it of this truth: My husband was driving a station wagon and I was in the back seat of it. The car turned into my son’s friend’s car and it was said that it was the highest, most expensive car one could have. Literally, this very wealthy man is one of my son’s best friends who I have known since they went to high school together and he has had every kind of car you can imagine-….a Lamborghini, a Mercedes Benz, a Spider and many others, owning many of them at the same time. The spiritual meaning of his first name is “temple of God,” and his last name’s etymology is “an umbelliferous plant with yellow flowers cultivated for its aromas and oils.” What a message this is for us who are the temple of God. We, who have been crushed and bruised to become a sweet smelling fragrance,…. even the fragrance of our Lord, shall have the oil of joy in our new car (ministry, life) of the highest order.

Yes, we had glory in previous realms (the flowers,) but we will not be having a station wagon now (a stationary ministry)… We will be like the wind going wherever God wants “BY THE SPIRIT,” transported like Phillip, as well as meeting Enoch and others in the Spirit realm. Brethren, we are an organism, NOT an organization, and we are leaving the “outside” realms now. Hallelujah! The King is within, the Kingdom of God is within and the “IN-door” is open wide for us to enter in at this very moment. Oh, beautiful one: Do you have eyes to see yourself decked with majesty, excellency, glory and beauty?

If you do, the Bride’s “chariot,” even the highest ministry of all, is to be YOURS!

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