Time To Flip That Wig

What you think and feel about being vulnerable? Do you shy away from being transparent because you’re afraid you’ll be hurt? In the day we’re living in, there’s a good chance that could happen, so is your response to hide your true feelings and thoughts wearing a spiritual mask, or are you open- faced with others and with God no matter what the cost?

I consider myself to be a transparent person, but I must admit I had second thoughts about sharing the dream I had last week. Before I relay it, I want to say I believe that every one of us has beliefs that are not true. Whether we want to admit it or not, error has found its way into our lives… There are so many heresies, wrong judgments about people, about God, about situations and oh my, most all of us think we’re so right!

What do we do about the Lord’s avid prayer that we be one?…. about our Father’s words: “Can two walk together if they’re not agreed?” How many are seeking to please God’s heart by doing all that can be done in order to come into reconciliation? If we were, I don’t believe we’d think so lightly about our divisions and the heresies among us. Instead, we would be asking: “Show me Lord, where I’ve got it wrong” and make sure we have a heart and mind to listen.

I heard the Lord say: “My people are under many curses!” and I believe that one of the reasons is that we haven’t humbled ourselves…. especially to each other. Do we take time to intently listen to our brothers and sisters, or do we think we’re right, they’re wrong and then just go on our way? God often uses dreams and visions to show where there’s an “uh oh!” letting us know there’s something we need to do about it. Our hearts can be right and our Lord pleased by them, yet our thinking can be amiss. And yes, He’s telling ME right now that my head has a covering on it with something that’s not true.

This is the dream: I had a wig on and I was in the backseat of a car. I realized the driver had a wig on top of her natural hair which was sticking out on the bottom, and there were women in the car who had full wigs like mine on their heads, too. We had gone part of the way to our destination when I realized I had my own car back at the place we started, but thought we had gone too far for me to ask to be brought back to it. Then it occurred to me that the driver would be going full circle returning to the starting place, so I was at peace. In the last scene there was a copy machine that was churning out copies which kept fastly coming and coming. I started to panic not knowing how to stop them and a loud voice shouted: “Just push the button.”

Ah brethren, how wonderful it would be if each one of us gave ONLY the anointed word God gives us. We’ve gotten into trouble because of running full steam ahead with other people’s words and doctrines handed down to us without testing them. I believe that the driver of the car represents this and in her case, she had a mixture of what was true (real hair) and what was false (the wig). I don’t believe we would have fallen into error if there hadn’t been some truth in it, but thank God, the “revealer” in us is always at work bringing nudges and more to bring us into the truth. 

I was not praying about my dream when the Lord instructed me to contact a friend who had distanced herself from me. This time she immediately answered the phone when I called and we spent time catching up, talking and praying. Then a couple of days later, this sister sent an Email to me in which she held back nothing about what she thought. I would rather that a person tell me what they’re thinking even if it’s done in an accusatory way, rather than hide it. This is no time to be offended, and because she brought everything out in the open, I am seeking God about what is connected to “The Wig.” I had forwarded Emails to her and others concerning Trump and sent many forwarded Emails concerning the mandated shot, and two other issues she addressed were personal ones: She stated her opinion that I had gone too deeply into the mysteries of God, straying from the simplicity of Christ and she judged my belief that worshipping God in the spirit is likened to a husband and wife making love as being deception.

The only word that came when I prayed in the spirit about my friend’s words was “Balaam,” who we know was a man who knew the voice of God, but let the love of money rule him. Because the dream ended with a copy machine making lots of copies, I’m inclined to think the wig represents my sending out material written by others concerning Trump, but I do not have full confirmation yet. What’s important is that I’m open to being shown and the dream revealed that I’d come around to my own car in the end representing that I’d have truth established as my own. So I am trusting and believing for God to show me and every earnest seeker in the body of Christ where we have erred.

I shared my dream this morning with a beloved sister in Christ and she urged me to write this post saying in essence that we ALL need to flip a wig or two. Thank God there’ll be no WIGgling around it now: In the final outcome, these heads of ours are going to be full of glory….

even the real deal!

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