Show Your Hand

The following vision and word came tonight after I struggled to know what the Lord wanted me to share with you: I was wearing mittens and out of them came bugs. I said: “Lord, I don’t want bugs!” and He replied: “Then don’t wear mittens!”

Lots of sighs are being heaved by me now as I realize I’ve been reluctant to give you what the Holy Spirit spoke to me this morning and have been unsuccessfully fishing for something else to write about. Yes, I got bugged! No gold coin showed up, so fish food is what you’re going to get.

So here’s what’s in my hand to give that no mitten us covering up… even a “star” fish with light for you: I heard the word “Maranatha” and afterwards, the solemn pronouncement: “The angel of death has come!” 1 Corinthians 16: 22 is the only scripture that has the word “maranatha” in it stating: “ If anyone does not love the Lord, let him be ‘Anathema’ (accursed) ‘Maranatha’ (the Lord is coming.)” This is God’s indictment, not man’s.

Immediately I thought of Pharaoh and how many times he resisted obeying the word of the Lord. What happened to him, to all the Egyptians and to the Israelites is a type and shadow of what is about to occur today in our world. The angel of death has come, but this time to all the wicked who do not love the Lord, not just the firstborn of the ungodly. As long as the Israelites stayed in their homes covered by the blood, the death angel passed over them, and so it is for us. We must remain in a state of abiding in Him and obeying each instruction He gives us, especially to be watchful!

Now I am compelled to tell you the first words I heard upon rising this morning and am asking God to give you hearing ears: “Heil Hitler!” was spoken loud and clear… Then “horticulture” came and lastly: “Fear not! New life is coming!” I remember that years ago a brother in Christ shared a dream he had been given in which he saw supermarket shelves stacked with abundance of food, but all of it was poisonous and nothing could be eaten. We don’t want to believe that the atrocities done long ago in Nazi Germany could take place again, but the words I was given this morning seem to indicate so, specifically with horticulture being affected at this time. But thank God we don’t have to be afraid. It’s recorded in the Bible that our Lord fed thousands of people with only a few fish and a few loaves of bread and if we’re strong in the faith, we shall be doing the same thing.

So eat His WORD my brethren…. even this word given now so that you’ll be prepared for what’s coming…. so you won’t be eating the poisoned food supply in grocery markets, but instead be filled with nourishment out of God’s garden…. even new life’s food spoken from your own lips. Oh yes, God’s children who have the faith that works by love will be feasting on Him and having ALL that they need.

So “Bon appetit and good health” to you, brothers and sisters. They’re yours for the taking through YOUR words…. words of LIFE, not death.

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