A Bride Shining Like The Sun

A wedding day is supposed to be the best day of a woman’s life, but not for me. Sigh! It was not a good idea for a prospective bride to tell the minister of the church that she wanted to be married there but that she didn’t believe in Jesus Christ. What gall, huh? Yep, that was me shocking both the minister, my mother, AND surprising me too, because I unexpectedly burst into tears as soon as the words came out of my mouth. My spirit knew what I had done, but my foolish darkened mind didn’t. Oh yes, down deep unbelievers know the truth. I was a professing atheist and believed I needed to be straight forward and that minister let me know where he stood too, telling me that since I didn’t believe in the Lord, he couldn’t perform the wedding ceremony. That was that, and my shocked mother and I went out the door not understanding the depth of what had transpired.

It wasn’t until I became a Christian 4 1/2 years later that the Holy Spirit opened my eyes. He revealed that when I used my tongue to reject the Lord Jesus Christ, I opened the door for Satan to touch me. Even though I was an unbeliever, I still had the Lord’s protection over me, but opening my mouth wide to speak words of death rejecting Jesus, that protection lifted, and little did I realize how much I needed it.

My ex-boyfriend who was still in love with me was a warlock. When he found out I was getting married to someone else, he let me know I’d be sorry, saying that he was going to make sure that I was. At the time I thought witchcraft wasn’t real and didn’t realize the power in it. Charlie had actually given me a book on how to use the ungodly craft, but I had never read it. I have no doubt now, that my wedding day and my years of marriage to my first husband were affected by my having that book still in my possession and by the curses Charlie put on me. My marriage was hell on earth.

It was when my husband left me with two children, 1 ½ and 2 ½ years old to care for while I was in constant pain from RA. I was in a desperate situation not knowing how I could survive and after a week of non stop crying, I called out to the God I didn’t believe in. In my own living room, I screamed “God HELP me!” like I had a boa constrictor squeezing me and you know I did… But Satan’s hold on me was broken in that moment, hallelujah! God’s presence filled that room and me, and I’ve never been the same since.

Today when I took a nap in the middle of the afternoon, I heard the word “helium-bride,” and then the Lord told me: “You ARE a helium-bride!” When a word is spoken by Him, we know it’s done even though we might not see the manifestation yet. This word is not just for me, but for all who have been having their minds renewed.

In the “Melchizedek Manuscript Series,” Noreen Nicolls gives much enlightenment about the word “helium.” She wrote: “Transformed” is the same word that is used of Yashua on the mount of transfiguration where it says he was transfigured before them with his garments becoming glistening and his face shining like the sun or the helios or the helium caused by the fusion of hydrogen atoms releasing light and power. Our atoms are being changed into lighter substances until they return to hydrogen, the lightest atom which defies gravity. And hydrogen means water-born, and it is this physical change that fulfills the scripture regarding being “born of the water and of the Spirit.” This water birth has to do with the lightening of our dense atoms into the lightest atoms. But that is not the end of the process by any means, for after the fission of the atoms must come the fusion of the atoms whereby the hydrogen atoms fuse into helium atoms like the sun does to release the heat, power and light. Therefore the transformation or transfiguration or metamorphosis is brought about by the renewing of the mind.

How does the mind become renewed? The very word renewing infers that the mind was once new, but something has happened to make it other than that. Of course, we know that sin entered into the picture, and the mind became veiled over and the memory of what once was became blotted out. The mind along with the densing of the blood became dense and unseeing. But now the Spirit is working a work within the mind causing it to come into the ALPHA wave state, the state that negates other thoughts, the old will, the old emotions, the old intellect, and in the state of negation or nothingness, a metamorphosis begins. Here the old generations, the speaking of the past genes, are “alphatized”, negated, and the real change occurs. Here it is that the mind we once knew before the foundation of the world returns to us. Here it is that full memory occurs, and we know what we were and thus what we are. Such then are those who make up the Melchizedek priesthood!

Let me encourage you in your cocoon state on this wise: the butterfly is fully formed within before it can break forth from its cocoon. Your transformation is taking place under cover, without evidence externally, but shortly it shall be manifest, and then shall the King/Priest reality be openly shown!”

Oh hallelujah! You, who are His “helium-bride,” not a “hell-I-am” one: “Know that Monarch butterflies are on the rise and that it’s time to shine like the sunA!”

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