Me, Myself, and I UNTIL

“Self-righteous” was digging an inner grave for herself. Each shovel full of dirt had manure in it which stunk so badly, it almost turned her stomach. She muttered to herself: “Why? Why has this happened to me? I’m a good person!” She was so full of “I”s, that everyone else was seen as nobodies through her perverted lens of skewed thinking. Sadly her self-love and self-centered lifestyle blinded her from realizing that her way of always having to be right, along with her pride were what brought her to the grave. When offenses came, instead of seeking God, she automatically judged and blamed others, never looking at what she had done. Her finger was so pointed, it was like a fencing sword cutting everyone to the quick, and she never listened to people… not even a little bit. She was a “know-it-all” who interrupted others all the time because she believed she knew better than they did. “Self-righteous” had no clue as to the reason why she lost friends one after the other, and in the end, no one wanted to be with her.

Many times “Sorrow” visited her, but this time he came with a voice: Meekly he told her: “I can make your heart better. I can help you see that being offended at others and judging them instead of yourself is the way that leads to death. You need a teachable spirit, my dear, so that you can become what you’re called to be: a meek and lowly one, who will put your trust in the Lord, not in yourself.” Then “Sorrow” sang a little ditty to her:

“While I am not what you want, you will see I’m what you need. I may seem as a terrible affront, but through me you’ll be freed.”

He couldn’t help but heave a big sigh as he realized that she didn’t have ears to hear, but he knew his ditty would be like a bell ringing in her head that would sound louder and louder until finally, she would hear. Continuing to speak, “Sorrow” articulated his words in a bold voice this time: “You will know the truth in the day you hear the One Who IS “The Truth” commanding you: ‘Arise and face me!”’ His light will shine into your innermost parts revealing you to you and then, you will realize that EVERY man and woman live for themselves doing their own thing, not realizing that death comes from it UNTIL they cry out. Yay, you shall know that you dug own your grave and that the stench you smelled was the dung of your self-righteousness. But hallelujah! Conviction will find entrance into your heart and you will realize that you’ve been loveless and that you’ve been blinded by the many logs you’ve had in your eyes.

But now it’s time for you to go down into the grave of your own doing and stay there until all your heart cries for “mercy” from the One Who can change you. You can be certain that God is gracious and merciful to the blind and to the deaf, which you have been, so it shall only be for an appointed time that you’ll be in your grave. He knows you will cry out to Him, ordaining that you arise out of your death state and embrace me and “The Cross,” the means of your salvation. “Self-righteous,” you will be led where you don’t want to go, but ah, every time you pick up the cross and “suffer with Christ, you shall also reign with Him.” (2 Timothy 2: 12) You shall find “life and it more abundantly” because you’ll be dead in a different, WONDERful death to the world and to all your ways. Yay! You’ll become what you were meant to be: A noble one full of God who loves and serves others. You will drink the cup and instead of knowing bitterness, you shall know joy.

Oh yes, “Betrothed Soul,” THAT day is coming, and when it does, you shall no longer be called “Self-righteous.” Your name shall be: “Not I,…. but CHRIST”!

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