The Tongue’s Lie-Ability

God watches over his word to perform it, but what about us? (Jeremiah 1:12) Even though most of His children know that there’s life and death in the power of the tongue. (Proverbs 18: 21) it seems that many of us don’t seem to realize that we will give an account for EVERY word we speak, and especially for the words we break.

Today egg cartons have “large” and “extra-large” printed on them, but instead, the eggs are medium, and even small. The companies that sell them don’t know it, but they are liable to God because what they’re doing is cheating. Sadly, we’re living in a society today, in which this is the norm, not the exception.

While praying in the Spirit about the sins, wickedness and debauchery going on in the world and in the church, I heard the word “liable” in my tongues, and the Lord brought Humpty-Dumpty to my mind. Truly a great fall is coming for all deceivers and for people who habitually fail to keep their word and lie intentionally. Even if we do not willfully lie, we are liable in the sense that the words (seeds) we sow are going to be reaped according to what is spoken.

I had a vision recently of a Christian who broke his word to me and practiced deception by lying, and he had a wound in his side. It was bleeding profusely and left a trail of blood everywhere he went with dogs licking it up. This vision conveys the message that when we tell lies and when we break our word, we not only hurt the person we’ve wronged, we wound OURSELVES. The blood represents life and this brother’s blood poured out reveals that a loss of life is the result when we do this. “Life is in the blood.” (Ezekiel 35: 6) The AUTHORITY we have through God’s spoken word to perform a desired outcome is what is lost and instead of faith, unbelief follows which the dogs in the vision represent.

In the Bible we see that the Lord highly commended a Roman centurion for his great faith, and this story reveals that this man’s faith was connected to his being under authority. It teaches that if we don’t rule our spirit and our tongue, our faith CAN NOT work. So many people have asked: “Why is it that Christians who have decreed: “By His stripes, I was healed,”… “No plague shall come near my dwelling,”… “God provides all my needs,” and many other sure promises have not seen their words come true? The question needs to be asked: “Are we ones who keep our word… ones who put a watch on our tongues so that we don’t speak words of death?” Only those who have integrity by being as “good as their word” will be kept safe during this time of great plagues and woes. Hear it: There’s a direct correlation between our words and the Word of the Lord being performed. We are called to be like God who does not lie, and because we represent Him, it’s imperative that our words are true and that we are dependable.

Recently I didn’t go through with an order for a photo stick that was supposed to have free shipping. I contacted the company about it and in the follow-up, a customer support representative named “Luz” quickly wrote back that the shipping was free only if the order was more than $50. I emailed her a photocopy of the advertisement that showed that free shipping was provided on purchases of $49. I also added a comment that I hoped the company would realize that we have a God who loves us and wants to bless us and will do so when we honor Him by doing to others what we would want done unto us. The representative sent an email stating that she would bring my concern to the attention of her supervisor, but I never heard back from anyone in the company. Tell me: Where is integrity today?

As some of you know, names are “my thing” and that I always look for spiritual understanding to be revealed from the types and shadows of natural things and happenings. What this photo stick, the name “Luz,” $49, and this company’s dealings have to convey is like a loaded camera with ready film to be developed. To be sure, our God has a photo stick that gets the picture of EVERYTHING in our minds and in our hearts and of every word we say. On the Internet I discovered that the meaning of the number “49” is “derived from the fact that it is 7 times 7, and seven is a biblically perfect numeral meaning spiritual perfection.” (biblestudy.com)

I see the developed picture in full “sevenfold-spirit color” now messaging us that coming into perfection requires being “Word-keepers” of God’s Word AND of our own. According to Abarim Publications, “Luz” the town in Canaan means an “almond tree” and “twisted,” which comes from the verb meaning “to turn aside,” and “deviation” or “crookedness.” But hallelujah! “Luz” was changed to “Bethel” (the house of God) after revelation came through a dream of a ladder given to Jacob while he was there, I believe I was given the vision as a warning to be shared with body of Christ, and I thank God that when revelation is given through dreams and visions, it always comes with power to change us. Just as “Luz” was changed to Bethel, our twisted, crooked tongues that lie and deviate away from the truth can be changed to become speakers of life in OUR house, the dwelling of God as we grab hold of the power.

When people have phoned me and I’ve been in the middle of doing something, I’ve often promised: “I’ll call you back in 10, 15, or whatever minutes, but many times it was much later that I phoned back. When I shared what God has been speaking to me about the importance of keeping our words with a Christian sister, she initially thought I was being legalistic and responded saying; “Everyone understands that there can be legitimate reasons for not getting back on time… God looks at the heart.” Yes, God does see our hearts and indeed, there can be good reasons we don’t do what we say, but we are to learn the way to prevent our lips from making commitments that won’t be kept. The Bible warns that we that we are to think before we say anything and that we are to be slow to sneak. I believe “Wisdom” is teaching us now that instead of saying we’ll call back in so many specific minutes,” we’re to say we’ll call back when we can. THEN we will be ones who honor our words and who honor God by doing so.

An overcomer grown up into the full stature of God has the high calling of speaking ONLY  God’s words. Our Lord means what He says and says what He means, so we are to be the same way. The question to every one of us now is: “Are our tongues going to be “lie-able” (liable,) or are these tongues of ours going to be “truth-able” taking us on into perfection? By God’s grace and through faith and obedience, there will be a few TRUE Jews who will be known for having righteous, life-speaking tongues.

I can see them coming now!

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