It’s All In A Name

If you asked me: “What’s in a name?,” I’d say: “Everything”! They are so important that when Adam named the animals, he had God’s undivided attention and why do you suppose that was? I believe it’s because what we call something is what we get. Adam had the discernment of the nature that they were to have and it was established by what he called it. Throughout my walk with the Lord, He has called me various names that represent what He has willed to be manifested in me. We are continually changing becoming more and more like Him, and the names signify different aspects of Him becoming ours…. qualities that not yet be apparent, but like seeds planted in good ground, with sunshine and rain, the law of life will bring forth the expected end.

In our generation, most of us got our names because our parents liked the sound of them, or wanted to name us after someone they loved or admired, and for other reasons, but usually not because of their meanings. My son Kip was the fourth generation to carry his birth name, but I was given the privilege of nicknaming him “Kip” (“near to the heart of God”) and together with my daughter’s father, we gave her the name “Kelly Lyn” (Holy warrior maiden.) I’ve always been drawn to the letter “K” and after finding this information about it, I now know why:

“The ancient form of the Hebrew letter “K” (“Kaf”) is a palm of a hand meaning “bend” and “curve,” from the shape of the palm. It’s from to “tame” and “subdue” as one who has been bent to another’s will.” Kaf is a cup (“Kos”) filled with blessing both for those who hold it and for those who drink from it:…. Only he shall drink who has himself spilled and gulped and wept. Only he who is beaten (“Kateet”) like oil which has been beaten from olives, until he is “Kasher,” pure and fit, shall drink. Then Kaf transforms itself into the crown (“Keter.”)

This morning upon waking up, all I can say is I got “oh-“K”-ed”!: The Lord called me: “Katy, KATY,” and then asked: “Do you know you’re MINE?” I believe He’s asking every one of us who have drunk the cup this question and I’m sensing that until we know we’re His “Katy” (“spotless and unblemished”,” we just know we are His in our minds, not fully in our hearts.

Like when we are in courtship with the person of our dreams, we know that we have love, but we don’t know for sure yet that we’re going to get married. My grandson Carter loved his “Kaylee” for five years before he proposed to her, but take a look at the expression on her face when her engagement ring was given to her:

Oh yes, she knew she was HIS on another level then! Carter’s fiancee is a type and shadow of the Lord’s Bride and her joy as when my grandson gave her the ring in Rome, Italy which is called “The Eternal City.” Like my daughter (and us as well,) she will be taking on the name “Phillips” which has the meaning of “transformation.” Truly, complete transformation and the consummation of marriage are next for those of us to whom God says: “YOU’RE MINE.” This is a photo of Carter and Kaylee nestled together in love on the streets of “The Eternal City.”

Now I want you to look at “Kaylee”’s name which means “CROWNED” and its spiritual connotation of “wise,” and then look at.my grandson’s middle name “Elliot.” It was supernaturally revealed to me when I was driving to attend his birth which was scheduled to be induced on the following day. I had a vision of my daughter in full labor at that time and then the name “Elliot” came booming in my car. When I arrived at my destination, he was already born and Kelly and her husband Michael gave him her maiden name “Place” as the middle name. But it was God who named him, not me and both of them loved “Elliot” (amazing, huh?) Tell me: What could be better than its meaning: “The Lord is my God” and “consecrated”? I pray all of us will spiritually bear the name “Elliot” which is the English version of “Elijah” and do the mighty works that “Elijah” did, and even greater

What a message their names are to us! Do you, who are going to express their names in your lives, know you’re His and that our Lord is telling you that you’re His “gold-mine”?” If so, it’s time for Katy to be called “Goldie” and let the world see that we’re made of gold… even “a glorious church, not having spot, or wrinkle or any such thing; but that it should be holy and without blemish.” (Ephesians 5: 27)

“And there came unto me one of the seven angels which had the seven vials full of the seven last PLAGUES, and talked with me, saying: ‘Come hither, I will show you the BRIDE, the Lamb’s wife.’ And he carried me away in the spirit to a great and high mountain, and showed me that great CITY, the holy Jerusalem, DESCENDING out of Heaven from God, having the GLORY of God.” (Revelations 21: 9-11)

My brethren: Notice that the appearance of the Bride who is the holy city of Jerusalem, takes place during the time of the PLAGUES. She is not being caught up into Heaven as so many of us erroneously have been taught. See it right there in scripture as plain as the sun (Son) rising up shining in a NEW DAY and in you: She is DESCENDING to manifest her glory in THIS DAY! Hallelujah!The Bride has made herself ready: The Lord is HER God, and He calls her “MINE” because

She’s got HIS name!!

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