What A Wake Up!

I am coming to love being awakened in the middle of the night by my Beloved. He never snores, says “Move over! “ or “Michele, quit YOUR snoring!” He only brings kisses, visions and dreams and last night’s vision and word has had me wide awake and starry-eyed. Do you see yourself as “The Perfect One”? If not, get some eye-salve on your eyes now and see yourself as part of the NEW MAN made of many members rising up.

This is the vision I was given: I saw a piece of toast popping up out of a bread toaster and heard the words: “It’s the new man!” Oh my! We’ve been in the fire for a long time, and now we’ve been made toast that’s not been burned. Oh yes, we, too, are bread from Heaven and this vision lets us know that the fire has accomplished its work. We’re the toast of toasts made ready for the nations that have waited long for us. So know that when God reveals a thing, we have to realize its manifestation is coming: Our part is to believe.

Yesterday, I came across an unfinished allegory that I wrote when our Lord quickened the revelation to me that when He died, we died with Him. I must admit, at times I have lost sight of this, but now He’s calling me and all of us to know that we know that what He has revealed is true. It’s my hope and prayer that my writing will bring an impartation to instill what God has shown in it deep inside you. I call the allegory:

The Arising

“You’re no good… You’re a simpleton who is worthless,” ”Hater” shouted at “Pitiful” and she believed him because they were her own thoughts spoken out loud by him. This one full of self pity didn’t realize that the words were from the accuser of the brethren, and consequently, she continually lamented over what she seemed to be. With her head always hung down, “Pitiful” could not look up as she walked on the thorny path called “Woe Is Me.”

Perched high on a tree, a robin called “Tenacious” realized that “Pitiful” was his assignment when he saw her. He had eyes to see beyond her form and understood that a wake-up call was needed: “You’re dead! Your dead!” he shrilled loudly: “Don’t you know it? Why are you looking at a dead man?”… “These human beings are so blind,” he muttered to himself. “All day long they go around crying, whining, fearful and anxious…. over what?!” Sigh! “A DEAD MAN!”

“Tenacious” knew he was called to do the finishing work that grace had begun in “Pitiful” and took off from his high perch flapping his wings with determination’s strength. The wings would always turn gold whenever he was on a mission to arouse his assigned ones with truth. As the gold shimmered, a song came with its glory as he landed upon her shoulder:

“It is time my lovely one, to arise. It is time to look into God’s eyes. It’s time to know just who you are To rise, to shine as a glorious star.

The words in “Tenacious”’s song startled “Pitiful”’s mind, but touched her heart with a warmth she had not experienced before. This woeful one had been so focused on her lack and weaknesses that she didn’t realize change could come until the robin sat on her shoulder and sang. His gold dust penetrated through her skin and caused the cells in her body to begin tingling and then shout for joy. “Oh my! What’s happening?” she cried out, not understanding yet what had taken place. “What is this change I feel within? How can these words be true when they don’t seem to be?”

“Tenacious” let out another big sigh knowing ”Pitiful” needed light before she could see. “Let there be light!” he commanded and then patiently told her: “The risen One is within. See yourself one with Him Who is risen and you, too, shall rise. Remember death was overcome by the One who died and you died with him. Now it’s your time to rise.”

As “Tenacious” spoke these words, the breath of life accompanied them and the air became filled with silver drops that had a voice. Its sound was one with the still small voice within saying: “The ‘Salvation of the Lord’ has come. Come see the glory! Come see perfection… even YOU made in the image of God.”

At that moment “Pitiful”’s ears were opened to hear and she was given eyes to see. Then words came in a thunderous roll: “Your name shall no longer be “Pitiful,” but you shall be called ‘The Victorious One,’” and so it was that with new breath and vigor, she responded with such a proclamation of triumph that the ground shook: “All glory, all honor, and all praise belong to you, Lord Jesus!” and with the proclamation, just like that, she was kissed by the lips of immortality. Her Beloved Bridegroom had come!!

You, who have heard her story, know the kiss of immortality awaits you and all who hear “The Voice” and obey it. The high places of the ego’s throne are coming down now. Can you see the towers falling? Can you see unbelief’s hold losing its grip on you? You can if you know that you know that you’re dead, and that Christ is risen in you!

Do you?

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