“Look Out!”

What do you do when there’s a wolf in sight? I think most of us would say: “Get out of his way and run as fast as you can!” but that’s not what the little shepherd boy David would do. He took on a bear, a lion and a giant: A wolf would be just the same to him: “Take him DOWN in the name of Jesus!” he’d tell us. Most of us probably never will have to take on a literal wolf today, but I tell you: We’re facing a pack of them in the people we meet and many of us don’t realize it.

How I thank God we have a shepherd greater than David in us, and He isn’t telling us to run. People are bound, people are hurting, people have tearing wolves in themselves attacking their minds and others… The devil, more than in any other day has come to steal, kill and destroy and we have some giant wolves on the loose, so what are we going to do about it?

I heard the word “Boris is here!” first thing this morning and as this name has many meanings, I’ll leave it to the Holy Spirit to reveal what He wants us to understand. “The Name Book” by Dorothy Astoria records a positive one that means “WARRIOR” and also has “trusting” as its spiritual connotation. Truly, trusting our Commander-in-Chief” to lead is the making of a great warrior. Surprisingly, the name also means “wolf”… “snow leopard”… “battle glory”…. “battle, fight”…. “prosperous life, good days in life, success”…”small”…. and “short.” I have no idea how one name can have so many meanings and which one or ones are true, but this is the truth regardless of the name: We are in a battle with each of us facing wolves, many in sheep’s clothing, that have come to tear us apart and eat us alive. But just as Joshua and Caleb looked at the giants as “bread” for them, we are to look at the wolves in our lives as the means of our coming into a prosperous life… Yay, SUCCESS is OURS!… God has assured us of it, and our part is to believe it and ACT on it.

What’s most important now is how we SEE things: Do we see ourselves as conquerors or victims? Do we see the Christ IN US strong enough to take down the enemy? I don’t know about you, but moving in the offensive, setting myself and others totally free, has been a long time coming. I’m not saying I haven’t won any victories… I’ve captured a timid mouse or two, tamed wild horses (thoughts that have run away with my mind,) deskunked a skunk, and caged dogs of unbelief, but now, it’s time for me and all of you to take on the wolf. David slew the giant with a stone, rocks were put into the belly of the wolf in the story of little red riding hood, and Hey! Hey! The stone cut of the mountain is going to crush every enemy. Oh yes, it’s written “No weapon can prevail against us!”…. no devil, no man, no wolf or any other beast because we’ve put our trust in the “Rock of Ages.” So you wolves out there: “WATCH OUT!”

God’s childen are ROCKIN’!

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