Getting In Position

In the short dream I had last night, I was looking at a red hair band on a woman and a conversation ensued about its position on her head. So what’s that about, eh?

I believe the band I saw represents God’s “head” company getting in position to fulfill Isaiah 13: 3: “I have commanded my consecrated ones. I have even called my mighty warriors, my proudly exulting ones to execute my anger.” If you think Elijah was amazing in commanding that there be no rain until “HE SAID SO,” the decrees God’s mighty ones (YOU and I) are going to make will be shaking the world. Yes, God’s anger has been ordained to be executed THROUGH US! I believe the following dream that I was given two nights ago has revelation concerning the preparation involved in becoming a mighty warrior able to execute righteous judgment:

For a long time I had been keeping Dieter (my belated husband) in a huge metal bread box in my closet giving him pills to keep him alive. All of a sudden, he came out of the box and when others besides myself saw him, we were amazed. I think I felt ashamed that I had kept him in the box for so long. Dieter was healthy, thin and no longer bi-polar and I, or someone else, said: “It’s because he fasted.” At the end of the dream, Dieter announced that he wanted to go to Indiana.

Here’s what I believe is the interpretation of the dream: The name Dieter means “army of the people” with its spiritual connotation being “God’s warrior” In Ira Milligan’s book “Understanding The Dreams You Dream” it states that a husband represents “AUTHORITY: God or CHRIST,” and according to the “DreamBible,” metal is symbolic of “an area in your life that isn’t going to break easily.” The pills I was giving Dieter are representative of “truth or issues that need to be accepted or ideas that need to be swallowed”…. and also, “an antidote to a problem or a negative situation… thought, habits or situations that heal and balance you… experiences we don’t like, but need in order to fix a negative situation.” Oh yes, Christ in me has spent a long time in the box in my prayer closet because of ways and thoughts in my flesh and in my spirit that needed to be changed, and it’s true that I’ve taken too long to deal with them. But thank God that even so, I’m still here in the race to win the prize. I see the bread box as meaning that all the negatives involved in our being transformed into God’s image are BREAD for us and I shout “Hallelujah!” because this shows that when we become overcomers, Christ will be manifested with GREAT authority through us. Oh yes, we’ll be coming out of our carnal living which has kept us boxed up. When we come forth finally manifesting HIM, we will have health, not be overweight (controlling) or bi-polar (double-minded,) and it will be because of having done the chosen fast in Isaiah 58: 6,7. Truly, THEN we’ll be ready to go to “INDIANA.”

The name meaning of “Indiana” is “STATE name,” … also of English origin “land of the Indians.” Figuratively “state” means “standing, rank” (stature) from “to stand, make or be firm.” See ESTATE. Now take a look at the word “Indian” and start singing the daystar song: It means “FIRST; firstborn, chief” and when you add “ana” (full of grace,) you’ll be whistling more than “Kumbaya.” Jesus came with grace and truth, and now WE, too, shall be coming with both.

Indiana’s flag has a torch with 19 stars displayed on it in the colors of gold and blue. The number 19 symbolizes “faith,” the torch is the ministry of fire and light, and the stars are the divine (gold) ones (us) full of might (blue.) This dream is showing what will be coming next is a bunch of Indians taking the land, shouting Indiana’s state slogan: “Honest to goodness!” It’s through “truth and grace” (honesty and goodness) that authority is acquired.

I don’t believe I have ever heard a teaching on mighty warriors executing God’s anger as is stated in Isaiah 13: 3. Have you? It us written in Isaiah 26: 9 that when God’s judgments are in the earth, the people will learn righteousness and that they will rejoice. Indeed, the whole world is moaning and groaning, waiting for the manifestation of the sons of God, NOT waiting for us to be taken out of here. When we are caught up in the clouds, it is at the END of the age and at that time, Revelations 1:7 states that “EVERY EYE shall see Him.” Oh brethren, look at what Jesus had to say about the rapture in John 17: 15: “I pray NOT that you should take them out of the world, but that you should keep them from the evil.” The rapture doctrine is in direct contradiction to what our Lord prayed and to Proverbs 10: 30 as well, which states: “The righteous shall NEVER be removed: but the wicked shall not inhabit the earth.” Also Matthew 13: 41-43 clearly shows that it’s the wicked who will be removed, not us, and that the righteous shall shine as the sun. Without any hesitation I tell you that the rapture-escape doctrine is a damnable heresy that has kept the body of Christ from realizing what we are called to do.

Truly, fiery judgment is going to take place shortly through those who have gone through judgment themselves, … those who have been purified by God’s consuming fire that burns away all the dross-…. Yay, through a bunch of “righteous Indians” who don’t just sit around smoking a peace pipe when there’s no peace, but ones who’ll make war against ALL wickedness. So rise up now you mighty ones: It’s time for your war cry!

It’s time to get positioned for action!

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  1. God thur you praise God to wake up to this my food for today thank you jesus and for the body of christ telling it just like it is we are not flying no where we are grounded in his name jesus christ

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    • Thank you so much for blessing me with your comment’s confirmation Barbara. Yes, our feet are on solid ground while at the same time our spirit is caught up to the throne in the heavenlies. Our Lord referred to Himself as “He that came down from heaven, even the Son of man which IS in heaven.” (John 3: 13) Oh yes, standing before Nicodemus, He was right there in heaven. Isn’t it wonderful that those who abide in Him are too? God bless you for taking the time to write words of encouragement to me. I think of Revelations 11: 15 and how when the accuser of the brethren is cast out of US, THEN our dwelling place lifted up in the Spirit is fully established. It’s happening now for his “Indian band company,” eh?
      May the joy you’ve given me be returned to you, my dear sister.


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