Ramped Up Bread-makers

Don’t you love that everything in the natural can reveal heavenly realities to us? Once again I heard the word “Land ho!” and now I’ve got a “Ho Ho!” bringing revelatory words that are bread for you today. In a recent post I wrote about this shout along with a vision of land which was first sighted from a long distance, but this time, the shout came as the CHAMPIONship docked. A plank was drawn and God’s First-fruit people were coming forth on it and when I pondered its meaning, I heard the words: “Lauren is here.” The name means “bay” and an extra “ho” was added to my “ho, ho” when I looked up its etymology which is an “inlet” from “TO LET IN”… “a passage or opening by which an enclosed place may be entered.” I believe that the vision and this word relay that ENTERing into the kingdom of God is here now, not just SEEing it;… that our feet shod with the gospel of peace are at the brink of stepping into joy and righteousness (the land)!

The name “Lauren” (bay) has another meaning that knocked my spiritual socks off… Nah! It put them on. The word “bay” is a “shrub,” but originally, it meant “only the berry” from “seed,… from fruit of a tree, nut,” which led to its meaning: an “honorary crown or garland bestowed as a prize for victory or excellence.” Whoo, whee, eh? This speaks to me that those coming on that plank are overcomers, no longer on the sea of emotions carrying them up and down. They are rulers over their own spirit, hence are “crowned ones with life.” The spiritual connotation of Lauren is “guarded by God” and truly, when we rule our spirit, the enemy can find no place in us and because our feet are on the solid ground of righteousness, we’ll be completely protected.

The plank is a bridge between our two states of being and has much spiritual meaning: Its etymology led to “platform… plan of action…. ground plan” and I see this as conveying that a “new plan” will be revealed as we cross over that will not be like the old way of doing things. This walk of faith is always bringing us to “inlets” of letting go and letting God, eh?

Just now the lyrics of an old song came to mind: “I’m on my way to the promised land…. If you don’t see me, you can hear me singing: ‘All my sins are taken away…. TAKEN AWAY.’” Truly, our home is in Him caught up in the heavenlies, and because we dwell there, Christ can be seen, not us…. The daystars sang when God made heaven and earth, and now, the ones with the daystar risen in their hearts, shall be heard singing as the new heaven (in our minds) and the new earth come forth! Oh yes, I’m shouting “Land ho!” at the top of my lungs with joy!

In this new state of being, we will no longer be sin- conscious because when we’re fully conformed into His image, the law is fulfilled. Yes, there are giants in the land and there will be warfare to conquer them, but because we have overcome what’s been in us, we like Joshua and Caleb have a song in our hearts and know that even though the giants are bigger than anything we have ever confronted before, they are BREAD for us.

It’s not by chance that my old “Toastmaster” bread machine recently broke down and just three days ago was replaced by a stainless steel one with the brand name “Frigidaire,” a shortened name for a refrigerator. We have had to go through the fire, become “toast” so to speak, in order to master our spirit. Oh hallelujah that we become without spot and without wrinkle (stainless) when we master SELF, and it is THEN that we’re made of steel and can stand firm and strong….It is THEN our disposition will be “cool” in response to people and situations which in the past, were filled with frenzied emotions. I love the symbolism of a refrigerator and the message that a Frigidaire bread machine has for us: “Understanding The Dreams You Dream” by Ira Milligan states that a refrigerator represents the “HEART: Motive; attitude; thoughts. STORED FOOD.” Ah, we are the Josephs of this age… Our trials have been used to purify our hearts and now we have much stored up wisdom and words of life to impart to a dying world.

Oh yes, the CROSSovers who have the bread of life, being bread ourselves, are coming down the ramp to feed the hungry…. even God’s “Honey-Bread”!

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