Naphtali And The Swat Team

Have you wrestled all night like Jacob did with an angel to get the blessing? If not, the call is ON! In the wee hours of the morning I heard the name “Naphtali” and then a little later, a “swat team” came. Hmmm! I thought of how the devil, who is called “Beelzebub,” is “Lord of the Flies” and I don’t know about you, but right now I need a few fly swatting men and angels to do battle with me.

In the natural, a swat team is a group of well trained people whose job is to enforce the law by taking criminals captive. Having been given authority from “On High,” we’re called to do this, too. All of us have something to overcome: diseases, sickness, financial problems, broken relationships, broken hearts, addictions and much more, so let’s pray and make decrees over every one of our subscribers and readers, binding the demon forces against them and loosing blessings. I believe a great work can be done if we’ll also join together and ask for discernment concerning what has opened the doors for the devil to touch us.

When I prayed for someone I know who recently contracted Covid, I was shocked to hear the word “post mortum” in my tongues. No! She didn’t die. The Lord was not speaking of a literal autopsy of a dead body, but was calling for a deep examination of what caused that virus to enter into her.

As we know, illnesses and all the other curses that come from breaking the law (forms of death) may not be the direct result of someone’s personal sin or the parent’s sins, but the Bible plainly states that the curse causeless can not come. It also teaches that we’ll be in health as our soul prospers. Truly, we need God’s knowledge now, more than ever, because without it, we’ll perish.

Recently one of my daughter’s friends shared that she felt an anointing when God told her that no plague would come near her dwelling. She questioned if she could fully trust what she had heard, and God was gracious to give me an anointing on it when she spoke to confirm this promise to strengthen her. Hallelujah!

Yes, I’m aware that many Christians have gotten Covid and even died from it… Does that negate God’s Word?! A thousand, million, billion times “NO”! I personally have an attack on my body that has a “cause” I have not yet discovered, so I can not and do not point a finger of condemnation at anybody.

Just like the children of Israel were told “This land is yours,” we likewise have the Word of God assuring us that we were healed by His stripes. The Israelites had to drive out the squatters on the land that God promised them and we have to drive out demons before we can have the manifestations of our faith realized. I believe it’s imperative that each of take inventory now as only the knowledge of the truth will set us free, and it’s obvious there’s more to know.

I feel to add that we do not thrive and that we even perish because of heresies being in our lives. What we believe doctrinally that’s erroneous can have (and does have) a grave effect on us. We’ve had a lot of teachings passed down to us from Jezebel that have killed our children…. I believe the children she’s killed are the words/fruit of the Spirit that were meant to bring life and God is having to take some drastic measures to get these teachings out of us. Truly, we can’t go on into perfection while we hold on to heresies. Remember that our Lord’s greatest desire is that we be one, and that He ordained blessing to come when we’re in one mind and in one accord. Heresies must be removed! Oh brothers and sisters, we have a GREAT RESPONSIBILITY to seek and find out the truth concerning the beliefs we have that differ from one another. I pray that God helps each one of us to make sure we have 2 or 3 witnesses to confirm all teachings with an accompanying anointing.

“Naphtali,” the name I was given today, traditionally has been interpreted as “my wrestlings” and “to entwine” as in the twisting together of cords. So let’s bind together my brethren and cheer each other on to win our wrestling matches and have the blessing given to “Naphtali” whose name is our name, too. It’s going to take us having a strong right arm like “Benjamin”’s and “POP-eyes”…. even seeing eye to eye in Zion.

So come on now, you, who are God’s swat team: It’s time to take the kingdom by force and swat Beelzebub’s flies straight into hell!

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