Becoming A Diamond Star

“Star-face” had been “Scarface” since she was a little girl and although the change had come, no one knew it because of her being in the dome. Not even she was aware that her face had changed. Yes, her heart told her she was a new creation and she believed it, but the veil of unbelief had not been removed.

The dome was a tomb called “The Beginning of the Dew” and inside it, myrrh was grown. It was when the myrrh became fully developed that the scar was transformed into a star and now the time had come for “Star-face”’s body to be changed, too.

The dome had an antenna that transmitted her thoughts to others, often in clear words of candor and transparency that brought life to many, but none could see her. None knew her name nor the pain she bore, but yet subconsciously they did because they were like her.

At times the antenna’s waves brought healing to others when she voiced her thoughts, but she she was unaware that when the people received them, she was “His Darling” to them. “Star-face,” who was soon to have a new name, in her subconscious mind thought of herself as being marred and scarred even though the change had begun to take place. That was because “The Scolder” had not been cast out of her yet.

She was alone except for her “Beloved” Who had made Himself real to her. You would think His presence would have removed her feeling of being alone, but “The Scolder” had taken root in a portion of her heart and blocked her from knowing that she was surrounded by the spirits of just men made perfect all the time. The prayers of loving saints covered her night and day compelling angels to minister to her and to keep her safe.

Because “Star” couldn’t ” fully love herself and others due to cold effect that “The Scolder” had on her, she couldn’t come out of the tomb yet. However, the full change was destined to come, not of her own doing, but from an unchangeable decree from “On High.” So while she did have a star-face, her body had not yet been infiltrated by the light, but thank God, her body would become light, too, because EVERYTHING that began in the head would eventually manifest in the body. It was and is a law that can not be broken. Hallelujah! Her confinement in the tomb was about to end because “The Scolder” had been exposed and shortly, the feeling of aloneness would be no more. Visitations from angels, the cloud of witnesses, and the visible appearance of the Lord Himself would drive the black clouds away and soon, soon, soon, “Star” would shine forever in the company of all the other stars never to know the feelings of aloneness and abandonment again.

You who are reading these penned words: You have a “Scolder” in you that has caused your heart to be a little cold, too. You, as well, have been scarred by life, but the REMEDY is at hand and it is this: When you see every man as yourself… when you stoop down to kiss the feet of the vilest person you know, you shall be changed…. Then your body will be full of light and life!

In the middle of the night in my half sleep, I heard myself asking the question: “Who are you?” The Spirit responded: “I am life! I have come to develop life in you.” As I meditated on these words, I thought of our Lord saying: “I am the way, the truth and the life,” and I realized that knowing the way and the truth is what brings us into life and it more abundantly,… and that DEATH represented by the tomb must be known before resurrection-life can come. You can’t resurrect until you’re dead, eh?

So here we are now in our tomb of death. Paul cried out “Oh wretched man! Who shall deliver me from this body of death?” and we cry out, too. It’s “The Scolder” who points to our flesh and shames and condemns us screaming out: “You’re guilty!” Sometimes it’s only a whisper, but he’s always there.

The strength of sin is the law, so the question is: “How long will we continue to live under the law?” I believe I know now: “The Scolder,” who is the law that condemns us, will have to go when we kiss the murderer in us by kissing the murdering ones OUT THERE!…. when we know that we have been “The Lovely One” all along and when we “know that we know” we are NOT our flesh.

Oh yes: THEN our head will be full of dew, our body will be changed and we, who are “Diamond Daystars,” shall be called “Joy”! Hallelujah!

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