Going On Into Perfection In 2022

Upon rising this first day of the year 2022, I had the question in my heart of what the New Year would bring and these words came: “Marred…. NO LONGER!” Whew! and Hallelujah! Then the Scarlet Letter came to mind and I envisioned a woman with the big letter “A” on her chest replaced by the “Alpha.”

The adultery the Spirit is pointing out is not literal, but spiritual, and it is this adultery that is the source of all our problems,…. even the sin of listening to another spirit and coming into union with it.

The etymology of “mar” is “to deface, to disfigure, impair in form or in substance”…. from “to waste, spoil,” …. also “to hinder or obstruct”…. from “to trouble, confuse”…. (source also of “forgets, neglects…. to forget”)

Truly this is what happens to us when we commit adultery, both naturally and spiritually: We forget our beloved and spiral into a hell of trouble, confusion, spoil, impairment, wasting away and disfigurement, but “holy, holy, holy!” are the ones who by the grace of God finally overcome the flesh, the world, and the devil having learned to take every thought captive. They will have “Alpha” inscribed on their clothing giving all the glory to Him Who sits on the throne of their hearts.

Hear the words God spoke to Job and obey them, too: “Deck yourself now with majesty and Excellency; and array yourself with glory and beauty.” (Job 40: 10) The Christmas song: “Deck the halls with boughs of holly” just came “Fa la la la la-ing” in the heavens of my mind because the end of a perfect man is peace (Psalm 37: 37)…. THAT man, instead of being marred, will be married to Holly (peace) now.

So you who are all decked out and full of God: KNOW that this year 2022 is going to be a glorious year for you! Oh yes, you and I are going on into perfection being faithful and true, never to wear the scarlet letter again.


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