Whatcha Got In View?

“Land ho” is shouted by sailors when they see land after looking at nothing but the sea. We who are worSHIPpers are shouting this too, as we realize that the land is ours,… and what land is that?- The land in the promise given to Abraham. This morning the Lord put these words “Land Ho!” in my tongues after letting me know that the time of demarcation (separation) had come…. that His people destined to rule will no longer be in a middle of the road position, riding the waves of being in the spirit one day and in the flesh the next. Yay! There’s shortly going to be a “Ho! Ho! Ho!” in our bellies as we step foot in the “New Land”….even the new realm the Philadelphian Church is called to enter as she’s “in the spirit,” no more out of it. THEN the “Open Door” ministry shall become ours that no man can shut.

The gospel of the good news was delivered to Abraham when he heard the voice of God say: “Get yourself out of the country (Babylon,) and from your kindred (self-works,) and from your father’s house (Adamic nature,) unto a land (realm) that I will show you. He did this by faith, and now, we the children of Abraham, are doing it as well. The process has involved our going through each of the twelve gates, every one of them a pearl, in order to bring us into oneness and rulership (#12.)

As I continued to pray in tongues, the name “Maggie” came which means “pearl.” I say “Hey! Hey!” The Lord is telling us that the pearl of great price is now in sight for those of us who have faith that works by love and who have been fellowshipping with the Lord and with each other.

When those sailors got off the ship and when Noah and his family got off the arc, their feet touched solid ground. Oh we shall have more than sure footing as we are caught up in the heavenlies permanently. I remember a minister named Larry Hudson telling the people of God that He never had a “down day” in years. If I remember correctly, he faced a terrible trial that involved much physical pain, so he wasn’t saying that he never had a temptation to feel down, but rather that he never gave in to it. Truly, we can be like him, like Abraham, like Noah and all the overcomers before us when we are separated unto God, not allowing anything to pull us down.

Truly, this message to not be moved by appearances and negative situations must become established deep in our spirit. The “separation” within is what will enable us to separate from the things of this world, the appetites of our flesh and the pull that worldly people can have on us. So tell me: Do you see the land? Is your goal to obtain that pearl of great price and to lay it at the feet of Jesus?

If so, it’s time to row the boat ashore!

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