Are You Drunk Yet?

If you were there on the day of Pentecost long ago when the first believers were baptized with power and with fire in the Holy Ghost, what would you think as you saw 120 seemingly drunken believers staggering in front of you? Truly they were a spectacle then and now the question is: “Are WE willing to be a spectacle like they were, willing to lose respectability in the eyes of others?” Oh how most of us think we should look “proper” at all times and for some, “propriety” is a God.

So what brought this on, eh?: I have been watching and listening online to a brother in Christ who (in his words) gets “whacked” all the time. I must admit, initially I wasn’t too sure he was/is “all there” and well, he’s NOT! This wacked-out one dwells in the heavenlies having a love feast with Jesus where he gets the heavenly manna to give us. Yep, he teaches/preaches with whacks and bread galore.

Think about it: The people of the world are entering into a time of great sorrow and God is wanting those who don’t care what they look like to manifest His joy through this unusual manifestation in their midst. Are you ready to be stripped of your dignity and enter what I call “The Who Cares Movement”?

I personally want joy unspeakable no matter what it looks like. I have appeared “unseemly” myself a few times when the Spirit kicked inside my belly causing my body to go into shisms, but after seeing Justin Abraham’s joy, I won’t be satisfied until I have it on a continual basis. Wine makes the heart glad, and how much more the “new wine,” so come on: Let’s get drunk together again and again with faces shining like the sun and with outraying light beams going into everyone making them glad, too.

I’m not just talking about “feeling good” which is part of this spectacular demonstration: I’m wanting the power of the kingdom’s message that is attached to it-… TRANSFORMATION power. Those disciples on the day of Pentecost had it as the people from 70 nations heard them speaking in their own languages. Tell me: Where are the DAILY signs and wonders accompanying God’s Word when we preach and teach? Our Lord said He came to give us life and it more abundantly. Is it possible we’re too busy keeping up appearances, thus having little of God’s power and glory because we won’t allow ourselves to look foolish?

I realize that there are times for other kinds of manifestations: Besides joy, there’s peace and then there’s a time for warfare. When we’re warring in the spirit we have to be sober minded, but when we’re out in public, how are people going to know we’ve got joy unless it’s demonstrated? There is nothing more compelling and attractive than joy except for love, and spirit-filled believers are to have both. We just have to let go and let God do whatever He wants in and through us.

When a husband and wife join together in full union, they become filled with ecstasy; LIFE comes out of that, and so it is so with us when we make love with the Lord: We have life in ourselves and life to give others. Recently I was given a vision of the Lord’s lips and mine together and the Holy Spirit instructed me to move my lips. He was referring to the “Lips of Praise” because our Lord inhabits our praise with His presence. The loving, powerful manifestation of Himself brings the best kind of joy there is. HE is our wine and our sustaining bread.

So I pray now in Yeshua’s name, that our desire to look good in people’s eyes be taken away and that our eyes will be fixed only on doing God’s pleasure looking good in HIS eyes. May we dance in the streets like King David did girded in a linen ephod, having the power of God as our covering, and may our dance of joy be with such total abandonment that a NEW MOVE” will begin-… a holy move that will bring our Lord great glory!

Come Lord Jesus! Come quickly: Come turn our water into wine!

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