His Little Butterball For Christmas

So what’s on your plate this Christmas day? Hopefully a main course of God’s Word that will fill you up with life, wine to make your heart glad, bread for you to taste and see that our Lord is good, His meat to make you strong and oh yes, the best dessert of all: Lots and LOTS of His kisses. Truly, each one of us adds to the banquet feast with our own special flavor, all of us being His goodies to delight in.

Last night during a time of prayer, the Lord called me His “Little Butterball”! “Say WHAT?!” That’s what I said, and now that I know I’m turkey meat for you, I hope you’ll have a good appetite for this fat bird added to all the other fixin’s that the Body of Christ will be giving to you on this wonderful day. Come on now and get yourself a big serving, but please! Please! Do NOT be calling me “a turkey!” Sigh! And NO! My body is not fat or pleasingly plump: My spirit is and so is yours if you’re gobbling up His Word and performing it.

When I prayed again later on in the evening, He spoke these words: “Men want prestige!” Oh my! The etymology of this word “prestige” tells quite a story: “trick, illusion, imposture”…. from “deceit,”…. illusion, magic, glamorous”….”An illusion as to one’s personal merit or importance, a flattering illusion,….”

Immediately I thought of John 12: 43: “They loved the praises of men more than they loved the praises of God.” So hey: Is being a big shot worth killing the “real you,” the seed of Christ”? Truly, you’ll be shot down if having prestige is your aim, because Matthew 16: 6 gives us this warning: “For what is a man profited, if he shall gain the whole world, but lose his soul?”

Our Lord calls us to examine ourselves because even though we’ve received Him as our savior, we may still be living for “self-gain” and “self-glory,” not living to do HIS will. Our own belly and money are truly our Gods when we seek to obtain more and more things, bigger and better houses and lands striving to get a great name for ourselves as we live according to the standards of this world, not God’s.

What could be more damaging to those called of God than “self-glory, eh? Herod was eaten up by worms (little snakes) when he stole the glory due to the Lord and how I pray that every one of us made of dust will realize we’ll be eaten up by the Devil if we continue on the path of the world. Ah, but if we walk on the narrow road, we’ll become nourishment and the best dessert of all for not only the body of Christ, but for the moaning and groaning world waiting for us.

Hear me: I’m talkin’ turkey as I say what the Lord says: “Love not the world, neither the things that are in the world. If any man loves the world, the love of the father is not in him.” (1John 2: 15) It’s time to gobble up God’s Word and not idolize things, people and ourselves above honoring our Father.

On this day that has been set apart to celebrate our Lord, let the Melchizedek order arise and be the mass in Christ-mass to serve bread and wine. Then our Christmas will not only be merry…. It will be holy!

From God’s little butterball, meet (meat) for you on the table of love, ❤️Michele

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