Dragon Slayers: Arise

How much thought have you given to what you think of yourself? Probably more than you imagine because in our subconscious mind we have many beliefs and judgments that we’re not in touch with. Recently, the Lord spoke the word “wrestle” in the middle of the night to me, and then a moment afterwards, the word “Leviathan” came. Since then, I have been pumping up my right arm which doesn’t look much like Popeye’s yet, but watch out world, devil and flesh: I know Who’s in us. We fight with the Word, eh? and Isaiah 27: 1 gives this wonderful promise: “In THAT day, the Lord with his sore and great and strong SWORD shall punish leviathan the piercing serpent, even leviathan that crooked serpent; and he shall slay the dragon that is in the sea.” The word leviathan literally means “a beast dwelling in the sea,” while Leviathan and the dragon are different aspects of the same being:- that same serpent that dwells in us-….THE DEVIL. The ULTIMATE warfare lies in our deep inner realm and the time comes when each of us must lay the axe to the ROOT-…. even the flesh where Satan’s seat is. Hitherto, we in the body of Christ have been dealing with individual manifestations that are like tentacles of an octopus. What God is calling us to do now is far beyond casting out devils and overcoming specific sins. It’s a complete transformation of consciousness until the negative has no ground to stand upon.

The Book of Revelation is a book written in sign language, so when Rev. 20: 1-3 states that “the dragon, that old serpent, which is the devil, and satan is cast into the bottomless pit,” it is NOT referring to a hole in the ground. The “bottomless pit” signifies a state or condition IN US where there’s no ground (no bottom) for Satan to stand upon.

As you know when God gives a word, He intends that we seek Him for understanding, wisdom, and knowledge until its meaning can be completely revealed to us. Like the treasure hunt I wrote about in a previous post, there are cues that lead us to the truth, so as I write today, I will be sharing those I have been shown.

I heard the words: “You are a conduit Michele. Do you understand?” The Lord brought the word “conduit” to my attention way back in 2010 and surprisingly, I remembered that I had made a note of it on the front page of one of Annalee Skarin’s books. I didn’t remember which one though, but as God would have it, I went straight to it on my bookshelf and this is what I had penned: CONDUIT [see conduce] The archaic meaning is “a fountain.” CONDUCE: [to lead or bring together] FOUNTAIN: 1. A natural spring of water. 3. the origin of anything, source. fountainHEAD: the original or main source of anything.

I have known for some time that I was and am a conduit… a vessel for water (the Lord’s living words, His Spirit and His life), so what was the Lord asking me to understand? I believe He has wanted me to see more clearly that a major source of all jealousies, comparing ourselves, strife, divisions, and more is our forgetting that we are ONLY carriers. How often we look at ourselves and think that we don’t measure up…or we think: “Wow! wasn’t “I” the GREATEST” when I did whatever? How our flesh loves for us to shine brighter than someone else. Recently I watched a video in which ministers were speaking one after the other, and when it came to one preacher’s turn, He openly remarked that before he got up to speak, he thought about how he could be BETTER than the others. Don’t tell me that you’ve never had such a thought and took pride when you shined more than other people. I admit I have, and God is putting the axe to it right now. It is Him, GOD Himself, that’s doing the shining and if He chooses not to manifest His glory through us, what is that to us?? We are made for His good pleasure and His pleasure is that we come to a place in which, like Him, the light is the same as the darkness. It makes no difference if we have the front seat, back seat or no seat at all. The ONLY thing that matters is that we do His will and that our motive for everything we do is to please Him.

We live in a world that has standards that are not God’s and sadly, most of us have been influenced by them. Solomon said that EVERYTHING was/is vanity and vexation of spirit and the Lord says that He looks at the heart, so the questions we need to ask ourselves are: “What are WE looking at?” and “What are our motives for doing what we do”? I believe that until we know that we are not our flesh, and until we know that when Jesus died we died with Him, we are going to care about what people think about us and will never be happy with who we are. DEAD people are NOT self-conscious or self-promoting.

I didn’t realize until I sought to know more about Leviathan that he is the twisting serpent of the sea who twists our words and other people’s words to bring confusion and division. Never have I seen such twisting as is presently being evidenced in our country. The dance and song “Let’s Do The Twist” was so popular in my generation and I believe that we’re seeing the these word seeds grown into full bloom today. God has had me to break the curses of every song I’ve sung that has had words in it contrary to His and I hope that you’ve done this as well. Truly Leviathan is in EVERY man working in the subconscious realm as well as the conscious one, but Hallelujah! He is now being exposed.

So hey you, son of God’s right hand, destined to take captive every dragon: It’s time to slay Leviathan!

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