Kissing Wells

Today as I sang in tongues the English words “kissing wells” came. What is that, huh? Actually I don’t know yet, but as I write, it will be made clear. I am always on a spiritual treasure hunt looking for what God has concealed in a word, and I can’t think of anything I’d rather do than to discover truth, wisdom and understanding.

Sooo, I will begin this journey into discovering truth like one does on a literal treasure hunt looking for and finding clues one after another that are hidden in trees. Did you know that one of the etymology meanings of the word “tree” is “cross” and that it’s from a root word “deru” which means “to be firm, solid and steadfast”? You can be sure that the greatest discoveries anyone will ever make will be through the cross, the “tree of life” and the trees of His planting…. even His people.

There are some who say they understand, but their spirits haven’t grasped the truth because the tree they get their knowledge from (the tree of the knowledge of good and evil) has clues that lead to confusion and death, not life. There’s only one way we can know if someone really understands and that is if “TRUTH TRANSFORMS the receiver and flows from him so that deep calls unto deep.” (J. Preston Eby) I think we just might be getting a glimpse through his words of what a kissing well is.

We have to dig deep to get the hidden words of life in order to be changed, eh? I touched a little on this in my post “Passing Through The Valley of Baca” and now the Lord is showing that after we dig wells during our times of trouble, THEN we’ll BE wells ourselves for others to draw “life” from. God’s words in us are life, and yes, kisses, blessings and revelations are waiting for people when they receive those who have paid the price for the truth (water/word) that’s in their wells.

God recently commanded a close friend and I to band together in prayer and gave a vision of us meeting at the place where truth and righteousness come together. All I can say is that there’s no better place to meet where corresponding visions and more are given.

An example of this is when I asked Melanie to pray for someone she didn’t know. I had been crying out for this person to “know the truth” and a vision came of her in a coma. After I asked the Lord to confirm it, lo and behold, without knowing what God had revealed to me, Melanie was given a vision of a woman lying in a bed putting pads on her eyes. What a message these two visions conveyed together: Truly we become desensitized (in a coma) when we reject the truth, wilfully covering our eyes. The eye pads Melanie saw in the vision were the kind used to bring comfort, so I see this as revealing that when the woman I know chose comfort instead of paying the price that truth costs, she became spiritually unconscious. Oh brethren, to FULLY awaken unto righteousness and be our Lord’s disciple is going to cost us EVERYTHING.

If we want to hear the voice of our Bridegroom, we must COME OUT OF BABYLON which is steeped in form. Indeed, the deep intimacy we desire with the Lord is not found in the assemblies which have truth mixed in with tradition, error, confusion, and formulas. We would never have been in Babylon if she didn’t have some truth, eh? It costs giving up the old to come into the new and many, many of God’s people won’t come out of Babylon and therefore, remain in the old. Also, many will not forsake brothers, sisters, spouses, houses, lands, etc. when the Lord calls them to do it causing great loss in their lives.

Oh brethren, giving up what we desire and what we think is right is not easy and is why only a few people are on the narrow road to perfection. When Jesus comes, the reason for the question: “Will He find faith?” is because faith without works is DEAD! Truly, it’s when we all come together in the place where truth meets righteousness that we’ll have unity where “the blessing” is and where our wishing wells become kissing wells.

“Then Israel sang: ‘Spring up O well: All of you sing to it!” (Numbers 21: 17)

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  1. Dear Michele

    Hello again. I think what you actually heard was’Wishing well’, from the song by Free. If you look up the lyrics you can see if I am right or not.

    But kissing wells is beautiful.

    Kind regards

    Baldmichael Theresoluteprotector’sson


    • Dear Michael,
      The beautiful wish for love in a peaceful world is more than a wish… It’s a “given” when the last enemy “death” is destroyed, eh? Hallelujah!
      May love and peace be yours today Baldmichael.

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