Watch Your Mouth And Get The Look

Have you put restraining orders out on unhealthy, unnecessary, and wicked things? If you’re like me, you’ve done it concerning wicked spirits, but what about the irritating ones? One of the most annoying things to me is for people to talk on and on about trivial matters like the details of what they ate for breakfast. God help! Some just like to hear themselves talk and my solution in the past was to avoid them. Sigh! Not very Christ-like, huh?

Some years ago the Lord gave a sister a vision of what His ways are in regards to offenses: A net was cast into the sea and when it was pulled up, there were big ones and little ones in it: God’s instruction was to throw back the littles ones (the little offenses) and cover them with love. The big fish (the big offenses) were to be brought out for discussion so that understanding and conviction could come. I have considered talking about trivial things to be a little offense and with a friend I have in my life now, I have taken a “grin and bear it” attitude and hope to God the talk will end soon. This is kinder than the approach I took with a neighbor I had some years ago and as I think about it now, I am repenting for always avoiding her. Even though I didn’t feel right about treating her that way, I did it anyway and to be honest, I never asked the Lord how He wanted me to handle the situation. Just today, so many years later, I realize that neither the “grin and bear it” approach or “avoidance” are His ways: He’s revealed that after our mouths are trained, we’ll have power to back our authority over that garrulous spirit as we bind it and put a restraining order out for the angels to enforce.

Before I continue, I want to say that I’ve learned that God uses whatever we don’t like in others to show us something in us. I see this offensive trait of talkativeness in my friend as a call for me to come into a place of “speaking ONLY His words, and I confess to you what you already know: Yes, I too, have been using more words than are necessary, only I don’t talk about what I had for dinner, how many minutes I brushed my teeth, or the pimple on my face.

Just now I took a break from writing this post to pray in tongues and when I did, the English words “leaky mouth” came in the midst of them. Wow! God is amazing! He always “chimes in” with the right word at the right time. Whether it’s true or not I do not know, but it has been claimed that a leaky gut causes chronic inflammation, fatigue, migraine headaches and autoimmune diseases and I believe the Holy Ghost is letting us know that  a “leaky mouth” causes these problems, too. 

Proverbs 16: 24 states that: “Pleasant words are a honeycomb. Sweet to the soul and healing to the bones” and how our Bridegroom is longing to tell each one of us: “Your lips my bride, drip honey. Honey and milk are under your tongue.” (Song of Solomon 4: 11) Truly, it’s through taking EVERY thought captive and CHOOSING to speak only His words that we’ll have healthy bones, happy hearts, and mouths with honey and blessing in them. 

I woke up early singing “I’m getting married in the morning: Ding dong the bells are gonna’ chime.”  Oh yes, when we deal with our “leaky mouths” and are perfected, the “bells of holiness” will not only bring  joy, but the fear of the Lord with them.

Have you ever known someone who was so strong and upright that just one look from her or him set you straight? After gold bridles are on our mouths and we use our authority, that “one look” is coming. Like Peter who healed the people with his shadow, just one look from the Bride with lips dripping honey is going to do more than any of us could ever imagine! 

Hallelujah! We’re gonna have THAT look!

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