Meant To Make Music Together

When I woke up this morning, an old Neil Diamond song was playing in my mind’s ear, but instead of “Sweet Caroline,” it was “Sweet Adeline.” My imagination’s gone to a lot of places with this one, and yep! I’m gonna’ “add a line,” or two or three, hoping you’ll be saying “What a mastermind,” NOT “Never mind!” What fun we can have when we’re out of the box (Out of our mind into “The Spirit”) eh? and for me right now, Neil Diamond’s song is taking my spirit back into “The Silver Bullet,” my late husband’s Chevy Impala. Yes, my family has names for EVERYTHING,… even cars and “The Silver Bullet” is what my teenage son called this first automobile that we let him drive…Sigh!: straight into a ditch, once, but I won’t go there now.

My husband owned “The Silver Bullet” in our courtin’ days, and back then Neil Diamond was our favorite music maker: His songs carried both of us to heaven and with a name like Neil (Champion) attached to “diamond,” what would you expect? So when I heard the song this morning, I was “expecting,” especially when I found out the name “Adeline” meant “Noble” with a spiritual connotation of “Under God’s Guidance.” What could be better?

I want to “add a line” now about this word “noble” which we know the Bereans were called because they received the Word of God readily. Tell me: How readily do you receive teachings that are contrary to the ones you’ve been taught? We’ve all heard a lot of traditional heresies passed down from Christendom’s Babylon that we thought were true, and when people cling strongly to them, you know it’s not sweet harmony that comes. You can be sure they’ll blast their hard rock metal sound at us so loud we’ll think we’re in hell. I believe most of you know what I mean having had a few rocks thrown at you, yourselves, from proud, self-righteous Pharisees steeped in tradition.

I don’t believe there’s anything more important to our spiritual walk than hearing the Word of God and if we’re open to receiving the “new,” hearing it readily, we’ll be riding “The Silver Bullet” straight into victory right through the hail storm of tradionalist’s stones.

Don’t you love it that we’re covered and guided by God soon to have redeemed (silver) everythings? Sweet Adeline is SWEET! So now I want you to ride with me in “The Silver Bullet” to listen the most wonderful sounding note of all. Hear it: The etymology of “silver bullet” is “a very effective, almost magical REMEDY”…. Mirriam Webster Dictionary states that it is “something that acts as a magical weapon; especially one that solves a long standing problem.” I believe that remedy is LOVE and when we bite the bullet and humble ourselves to get it, we’ll have a kiss in our mouths to render good for evil. THEN we’ll be riding “The Silver Bullet” to the heights! Doncha know?: IT’S TIME now for the world to hear us singing “Sweet Adeline”….

AND “Sweet Harmony”!!

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