Who Will Obey The Order?

What do you think is the worst thing that could happen to people? I’m sure some would say falling into sin and into unbelief and I agree, but my mind went to a root cause: Have you ever thought about how important judgment is or the lack of it? It was because Eve judged amiss, thinking the devil’s deception was true that she sinned.

The Bible tells us that those who are of full age can discern (judge) good and evil (Hebrews 5: 14) and I’ve come to believe that everything in our lives and everything that happens in our country depends on the kind of judgments we make. Yesterday I had a vision of our Lord as a judge pounding His gavel hard on the sounding block, shouting “Order, order, order!” There’s a call in this hour for the Melchizedek order to come forth. Can you hear it?

Have all your trials, mistakes, and sins brought you into a place where you are dependent upon God to give you His wisdom to judge righteously? I had not remembered until just now that when the Lord appeared to Solomon in a dream asking what he should give him, his answer was: “An understanding heart to judge the people, that he may discern between good and evil.” This pleased the Lord, and oh Hallelujah! For every one of us who has this strong desire in our hearts like Solomon did, we are about ready to enter a new order.

My mind has turned to this subject because of the lack of judgment I’ve been seeing, not only in the world, but in God’s people. We may not want to admit it, but WE are the cause that the world is in the condition it’s in. God says: “If MY people (not the people of the world) will humble themselves… if we will turn from OUR wicked ways… if we will seek His face and if we will pray, THEN God will heal the land and raise up righteous leaders… Yay! leaders who JUDGE righteously. (2 Chronicles 7: 14)

Tell me: What if Solomon told the two women who both claimed the baby was theirs, that he didn’t want to be in the middle of a war between them?…that he didn’t want to play God? Indeed, if Solomon didn’t judge righteously, the true mother would not have gotten her baby back and the wicked one would have been raising the child. God forbid that people suffer because we refuse to fulfill our duty to execute righteous judgment!

Christians are continually told that we’re not to judge, but that’s the very thing we’re called to do, but NOT from the carnal mind condemning people, but from the mind of Christ bringing forth the fruit of righteousness and peace. Oh that there might be many among us who will go to bat for righteousness’ sake and step up to the plate of “Godly Correction”!

Most people don’t like confrontation and stay away from it like from an exploding bomb, but the Bible states that reproof brings forth light. If there is no reproof and light, people will dwell in darkness and in sin, and it will be OUR fault because we haven’t obeyed the God-given mandate to execute righteous judgment.

People of God, there MUST be ACTION involved in it. How often we hear mothers tell their misbehaving children: “Don’t do that!” but don’t stop them and because they don’t, the children grow up to be a menace to society… even criminals. Look at what happened to Eli: (I Samuel 4: 17-18) He rebuked his wicked sons telling them that what they were doing was wrong, but God expected him to restrain them. Because of his failure to do so, it led to his death, the death of his sons, defeat in war for the Israelites, and the capturing of the arc of the covenant. THIS my brethren, is what has happened to the church because we have not judged the unrighteous acts committed among us. There has been no fear of the Lord for if we had it, liars like Annias and Sapphira would be struck down dead in our midst.

Recently a sister in the Lord expressed that there was no way of knowing who lies. Well Solomon sure didn’t think that way and we have a greater one in Solomon in us. When I heard the Lord say “Order, order, order!” I realized we have NOT been following His order. When the procedure ordained in Matthew 18 is observed and all sides are heard as in a law case, the voice of the Lord WILL be heard when we gather together in prayer: A vision, a dream, a tongue and interpretation, wisdom such as Solomon had, or a means we know not of will be granted for us to KNOW the TRUTH. We’re supposed to know our Lord’s voice, but how many do?… How many have faith to believe that He will reveal the one who’s lying or anything else we need to know?

My heart is grieved, my brethren. I see many of God’s people wounded and crying out because their cause has not been taken up by those who have abdicated their duty to judge. Injustices have been swept under the rug and God has given me visions of people with splinters all throughout their bodies and arrows shot into their hearts that are still there. When I looked up the word “splintered,” I discovered one of the meanings to be “shattered.” Only God knows how many of his children have shattered lives. I know of a godly Christian who went to her grave with splinters still in her because the wrongs done to her were never addressed. May THIS be the hour that splinters and arrows are removed out of God’s hurting people and all the works of the enemy be destroyed… that JUSTICE be in OUR land because we who have learned righteousness have come into divine order.

So you who are reading this post now: Will you be one of the judges who stand upon Mount Zion to judge the Mount of Esau (flesh)? Obadiah 1: 21) Oh how I pray you will be!

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