Oh My Goodness

“Goodness” had not always been good. In fact, she once was a little tyrant, but didn’t realize it because she was born into a family of despots and it was just natural for her to be like them. Not only were the members of her own family tyrants, but the whole town of “Perverted Headship” had lords ruling over them in every household. These were not cruel in the sense of wanting to do harm, but they simply were oppressors who desired their own way, usurping the will of others to get it.

However, the Queen of “Perverted Headship” was cruel, and everyone bowed down to her knowing their heads would be chopped off if they didn’t. This unhusbanded one had six evil spirits that worked with her: “Hatred,” “Beguiling,” “Jealousy,” “Petulence,” “Control,” “Resentment,” and a seventh one called “Torture” who twisted and broke the arms of the people in the town when anyone was defiant. Jezebel ran a tight rule with no one daring to rebel after “Torture” made an example of the questioning one whose name was “How Come?” After “How Come?” was no more, everyone towed the line.

However, “Goodness To Come” got a little bug in her head named “Not Intimidated.” It was a strange bug that seemingly came out of nowhere, but was from “The Great Somewhere” where her long departed great, great Godmother dwelled. In “The Great Somewhere” all prayers were answered, and this Godmother called “Pertinent” asked for pertinent things, of course. The wise and loving one prayed that a bug would be sent into “Goodness”’s ear that would be used to change the tide and the atmosphere of the entire city.

And so it came to pass that “Goodness to Come” listened to the instruction of “Not Intimidated” to flee to a neighboring city to find “The One” who could tell her “The Way.” However, not knowing which city to go to,… the one on the left or the one on the right, she chose the one on the left called “Christendom.” All the people there wore masks which covered their eyes and noses, and only their mouths could be seen, although they were able to see and smell through their masks. 

The bug in “Goodness to Come”’s ear, started to buzz louder and louder in protest of her choice, but since his instruction was only to tell her to go to another city, he was not permitted to pressure her to change her mind. The Most High God in “The Great Somewhere” had made a law forbidding anyone to use control over another person, stating that hearts must be free to make decisions out of their own, knowing in their innermost being. The wise king ruled over a very happy, flourishing kingdom full of sunshine, laughter and successful feats because of it. He taught the people that they were to influence each other by example and by simply speaking the words of the “Book of Life,” using no force. “The Great Somewhere” was the blueprint kingdom in Heaven of all the kingdoms that would reign on earth after “The Great Change,” a reformation of magnitude, came.

Angel insects were often sent as unseen messengers into people’s minds to inspire good ideas in their thinking, hence the bug in “Goodness”’s ear was sent with blessings from on “High.” Between the buzzing in her ear and the churning in her belly, “Goodness To Come” aka “G.T.C.” did not feel good about the people in Christendom who spoke of “The Way,” but didn’t live it. These were believers in compromise, the mixture between worldly thoughts and Godly ones, and because of it were in continual confusion, yet believed they were in truth. Their superficial joy was an affront to those who had eyes to see, but they were unaware that they were stumbling blocks, deceiving themselves in thinking they were alright.

“What am I to do?” “Goodness” thought aloud in dismay, realizing her answers were not to be found in Christendom. There was a crippled one there whose name was “Knowing Better But Unable To Walk,” who heard her thought. He had once dwelled in “Crystal Glory,” the city of “Light” on the right side of “Perverted Headship,” but an angel of light deceived him into thinking he’d be better off in “Christendom.” That was where he became crippled with no seeming way out. “Little lady,” he spoke up, surprising himself as he never spoke to strangers. “Once I lived in “Crystal Glory” and it’s a WONDERful place,” he told her. “Everyone there is transparent, no one wears masks and all live by the “Golden Rule.” If you follow your heart, you might find what you’re looking for there.”

“Why thank you for telling me and yes, I shall go there and see for myself. Tell me: “What is your name?”

Sadly he responded with a tear in his eye. “My name is “Lost in Babylon,” and because I can no longer walk, I can’t leave here, but I remember when I lived in “Crystal Glory,” that their king had a chariot that was used to bring the lost to the county’s rehabilitation center. I have not been able to contact anyone to let them know I want to return, so if you have the opportunity, would you tell someone at the center to please come get me. My name was once “Joy’s Reservoir” and I might be remembered because I was once well known in the city.”

“G.T.C.”’s heart was stirred with kindness and compassion as she looked at the poor crippled man whose legs were so twisted, there could be no hope of him ever walking again. “If I do meet someone, I will be sure to let it be known you need help. I won’t forget you,” she promised, patting him gently on the shoulder. And then all of a sudden when she said “God bless you, a bolt of heat came out of her hand into him, shocking him and her as well. She had never experienced anything like that before, and then to their astonishment, the angel of “Good Tidings” suddenly appeared before them and announced: “You shall indeed be remembered, because you have called out from the depth of your heart.” After he added, “Be at peace!” the angel disappeared out of sight.

Both remained in a holy silence for quite some time before “Goodness” sang a new song of prophecy that came bubbling out of her: “I’m on my way, and you’ll be, too. God has planned that we’ll be new. Don’t you worry, don’t you fret. Our time is coming, but not just yet!”

And so with hope and joy in her heart, she waved good-bye to her newly found friend and went on her way to “Crystal Glory” guided by unseen angels. As she approached the city’s gate, flower petals came down out of the clouds upon her and on the path to the entrance. She did not know it, but this was the sign prophesied to the city that one would come, having the long awaited fruit that would bring them into wholeness.

Upon seeing the sign, the trumpets blew and all the inhabitants of the city came rushing out to meet “The Wonder.” Their king named “Purity” was informed of her coming moments before the trumpets blared through the angel, always by his side. His coach “Justice” and his horses “Mercy” and “Judgment” were sent to meet her and “Oh my goodness!” was shouted all throughout the city by every man, woman and child who knew that by receiving “Goodness,” all would be empowered to always render good for evil. Their day of complete transformation had come and rejoicing and singing were heard everywhere : “She’s come! She’s come at last. It’s time to break our fast,” they shouted. There was dancing in the streets as the King’s coach carried his bride who was the only one who fit to rule, alongside him.

The Godmothers from every age past then appeared and extended their “blessing” rods over the city and over “Purity” as he took “Goodness” by the hand up the steps that led to his throne. Pointing to the seat of ‘Mercy,” the king proclaimed joyously: “Goodness” shall reign forever, for it is written in the “Book of Life” that she shall be my queen and yours,” he told the people. “Wonder,” Heaven’s light, filled everyone’s eyes knowing that the king’s words were true. “Goodness” not only had “Wonder” in hers, but twinkles that were made of tears turned into joy. It was the day of all days because goodness was the last fruit to be fully matured marking the beginning of the end of all tyranny.

With “Goodness” and “Purity” seated on “Mercy”’s seat, their domain could extend now to all the cities of the world.… “Perverted Headship” would become “Submission”’s Glory,” “Christendom” aka “Babylon” would become “The Delight of True Jews,” and every city would have a name of perfection in the “Kingdom Come.”

And oh yes, the crippled man and all crippled and blind men will be remembered for the king’s coach will draw them into the kingdom of “Peace, Joy and Righteousness”. Yes, yes, YES indeed: The lame shall walk and the blind shall see because

“Goodness has come!”

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