Steered Straight

“Help me Lord!” I cried out this morning. “I feel I’m in way over my head” and of course, I was! It’s always par for the course for those who are called to do wonders and change their minds seemingly about EVERYTHING! “My ways are not your ways and my thoughts are NOT your thoughts,” He tells us, so what can we expect?

This morning the first thing our Lord told me was: “Labor to enter into your rest,” and then a few moments later, He informed me: “You’re going to need courage today.” Now that didn’t exactly produce restful feelings… It was more like “Uh oh! What’s coming next?” but then I remembered the words written in the Odes of Solomon that give the assurance we need to face whatever comes our way: “For the right hand of the Lord is with you: and He is your helper: And PEACE was prepared for you, BEFORE ever your war was.” (Ode 8: 7,8) Our war, first and foremost, is in our minds and what we come to believe determines our outcome.

Concerning the dream I wrote about in yesterday’s post, I didn’t mention that in the beginning of it, I watched my daughter-in-law put a puppy in a bathtub with running water and I was greatly concerned that it would drown. In the Bible Dream Dictionary a puppy is stated to represent methods to become successful which haven’t yet been developed. Are we not continually challenged to learn what we do not yet know? And yes, often we face peril.

Truly, we don’t know His ways until He reveals them and then works them out in us, eh? Our spirit deep down knows everything, but it takes a progressive work for the mind to comprehend what it is we need. We will ALWAYS have to be dependent upon the Lord to give us wisdom and understanding and there’s no shame in not knowing the truth we have not discovered YET… On the contrary, humility in realizing we don’t know is necessary and honorable.

As I write, I hear the name “Mordecai” which makes me think that once again, we are in a time like He lived in. Without a doubt, we are facing the wicked plan of men to not only kill and destroy each of us individually, but the nation of kings and priests that we are. As never before we need courage, strength, wisdom, perseverance and all the attributes of Christ working in our lives, for everyone of us destined for the throne is way over our heads. Truly, we need His headship and I hear Him saying: “I’ve got you covered, my people, so heads up:

You’re on course!”

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