Pushing The Right Button

A few nights ago I had a dream of me in a huge house that had dung in all its rooms. There were many other details in this dream, but I only will be focusing on the ones that relate to the message God has placed in my heart. While I was inside the house, I unlatched a door that opened to a very large bathroom, like the kind you would see in a public place which has many stalls in it. Much more dung was on its floors than in the other rooms and my grandson was on the toilet beckoning me to come to him when he saw me, but I didn’t. Instead, I turned around, closed the door and then proceeded to go straight out the front door. A black chained fence was around the house and an electric button was on it for opening and shutting. Not a gate, but a lengthy piece of the fence became detached when I pushed the button which lit up in a very bright red-colored light. I looked back at the front of the house and cried “Oh NO!” when I saw the family’s dog bounding out the door.

So what’s the message, eh? Before I express some of my thoughts on it, I want to share the simple word that came in my half sleep last night which didn’t come from my reasoning mind, but from the mind of the Spirit. I found myself saying: “I believe!” Could there be any better word than that?! I don’t think so and I believe it’s connected with the red button. FAITH is “button-like” power and it generates light… It opens doors and fences, too, and it shuts them.

Anna Lee Skarin wrote that “FAITH is the living soul of LIGHT where all the creative substance of existence “lies waiting to become” as it is called forth from that realm of primal purity. FAITH and Light compose the realm or region of all that CAN BE.” In the instance in my dream, it activated my release from what the house and dung represented.

Paul said that he counted all the great and wonderful things he had accomplished in his life but dung… Truly, everything that the world honors and spends all its time and effort to acquire is DUNG! This huge house was full of the world’s glory (doo doo) and the dream was showing that I was leaving it all… My precious grandson in real life is presently in a “public” place gaining the attention and praise of this world, and when most people are young, they are led by their flesh and the world. It’s the way it is, but we can’t join them as was shown in my dream. Faith in my Lord is having me to turn my back on all that pertains to “this huge house of the world,” just like Joseph left Pharaoh’s house. We can not be our Lord’s disciples unless we forsake ALL… even grandsons. We never forsake them though, in our hearts and in our prayers, knowing there’ll be a day that they, too, will realize that everything in the world is vanity and vexation of spirit. Hallelujah that everyone will come to know the truth.

When I first believed in Yeshua, I had to leave the family that raised me, and then fully coming out of religious Babylon took me decades to do. Now, another separation is being required. Oh brethren, a “detached state of being” represented by the way the fence was designed to open is what God is working in us at this time. Truly, we are getting detached from anything and everything that could hold us back from having total oneness with our God.

That the fence was made of a black chain represents the bondage God is bringing us out of. We are not obligated to do as the world does and wants us to do. Many, many in this world and in Christendom have made family as their God. Oh how we especially want to please our children and our grandchildren, eh? But we are called to please God and pushing that red (understanding) button full of faith and light is what is going to do it. Our Lord didn’t promise us that we wouldn’t have to pay a price to follow Him and I was realizing what it was at the end of the dream. My flesh, NOT my spirit, was shouting “OH NO!” when I saw the dog had gotten out.

Don’t you know that emotions are going to come flying out of those members in our families who aren’t serving God? That dog getting loose in the dream relays strife will come and “Oh yes,” there’ll be an “Oh no!” reaction to that. But praise God, there’ll be a “Hallelujah” shout in the end, because I’m pushing the red button of faith.

How about YOU?

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