Even Shadows Obey Us

In the middle of the night I found myself pointing my finger at a shadow telling it: “I won’t allow you to remain in my life any longer!” Have YOU talked to YOUR shadows? Most likely you never thought of doing so and neither did I, but we have a God who has His people doing strange things at times. Everything came into existence by a voice… even “The Voice,” so it should not surprise us if things are taken out of existence by a voice… Yes, even shadows.

After I began my day not thinking about the word that came, I found myself proclaiming: “Shadows are turning.” The spirit world and yes, that shadow heard my earlier decree in the night and had to obey the Word of God spoken out of me. Hallelujah!

And just what exactly are shadows, eh? One thing that they are NOT is “substance,” and we know that substance is faith. It’s faith that works by love and grace that brings us into the light. So listen, all you “People of the Light,” hear what the Lord is saying: When we are FULL of light, there can be no darkness; When our righteousness is as the noon day sun, there can be no shadows, but don’t you know that EVERYTHING in this new day we are entering into shall be done by the WORD?!

Think of it: God had an unknown prophet speak to an altar and that altar had to obey. (I Kings 13-14) I have found myself talking to plants, to animals, to problems, attitudes, and, and,… and as of this moment, I intend to speak to EVERYTHING that needs changing or that needs to come into being. What an exciting world we shall be creating by the inspiration of the Holy Ghost now that shadows are finally fleeing. It was HIS idea that I talk to the shadows, so take a look now at what was being addressed through the meanings of this word: “anything unreal” (as “a ghost,”) … “imitation, copy,” … “a spy who follows” and it’s also another word for “darkness.”

Oh brethren, the Lord’s Bride in the fullness of her glory is shortly to be revealed and that’s YOU,.… that’s ME. So what can I say now, but open your mouths wide, speak to your new world and while you’re at it, add a little spit:

It’s time we’re His spit’n image, not a shadow of it!

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