The Alpha At Work

I heard “helium, helium, HELIUM!” as I was worshiping, singing in tongues this morning and then later, “Isha” came which is the Hebrew word for “woman.” When God says something three times, we need to pay extra attention because He’s expressing something that’s imperative for us to understand. The Spirit had given me the word “helium” before, but now I realize it’s full meaning and am doing a dance, like a ballerina on raised up tippie toes wearing a tutu of layered revelations. We’re to know for certain that God’s woman is going to do more than rise up as “helium” brings her into a new place. I feel a mighty quickening of God’s Spirit as I write this.

I believe that the “Feast of Lights” (Hanukkah) is the most important celebration for the body of Christ to spiritually experience as it signifies the total cleansing of our temple, spirit, soul and body, and also, the rising of the daystar within our hearts. Oh people of God, there’s to be a climatic rising up of Christ fully formed in us, manifested and “lit up” like the miraculous light in the temple when it was dedicated. In 4 Maccabees 4: 58, December 25th is stated as the day this feast was/is to be annually celebrated and I don’t think it’s a coincidence that it’s the same day that the birth of Jesus is honored. The Feast of Lights is a type and shadow of Christ fully formed and birthed in us…even our birth and in my thinking, Christmas (“Christ-Mass”) represents a “mass/body” of true Jews who eat our Lord’s flesh and drink His blood becoming no longer them, but Christ. In some churches, the sacrament of the eucharist and its celebration, also known as communion, is called a Mass… I see a “come union” of the highest order taking place through our believing and receiving the Word of God. Many have not realized that a spirit-body is progressively being formed inside us as we commune with God, with one another and take communion believing that as we do so, it is the Lord’s body and blood. The Apostle Paul said He travailed for this “fully formed” man…. not the birthing of the literal man Jesus, but the birthing of the spiritual man having all three parts of spirit, soul and body become whole.

Through the word “helium,” we are to know that those who have Christ fully formed in them will soon be coming forth from the WOMB of the morning. This BIRTH is revealed in Psalm 110: 3-4: “Thy people shall be willing in the day of thy power, in the beauties of holiness from the WOMB of the morning: Thou hast the dew of thy youth. Yahweh has sworn, and will not repent. Thou art a priest forever after the order of MELCHIZEDEK.”

So how will what has been prophesied come about, eh? This is where “helium,” and “Isha,” the woman who is the body/ Bride of Christ” come to more than “play,” but to BEcome ”GLORY.” There is a changing of genes that’s taking place in “Isha” through God manifesting Himself as “The Alpha.” In chemistry, the term “alpha” indicates substituting atoms in a substance and it’s the old atoms that are being substituted with new “helium”ones in those who overcome the world, the flesh and the devil.

At the transfiguration of our Lord, his garments became glistening white and His face shown as the HELIOS (the sun,) and likewise our garments and faces will reflect God’s glory when His Alpha rays shine forth and all our atoms are changed. The helium atoms which are lighter than air will enable us to defy gravity and be able to be transported in the Spirit effortlessly. Just as our Lord could walk through crowds without being harmed, we can expect to do the same after Alpha has completed this work of transfiguration in us. God is speaking to His Beloved “Isha” to rise up now and when He decrees something as He is presently doing through the word “helium,” we know it SHALL BE!

Oh body of Christ, we’re not going to be wearing masks hiding who we are in fear.  The world shall see our brilliant, shining faces and completely healed bodies as we boldly declare that Christ IS COME in the flesh… even in OUR flesh!

Oh yes: The day is at hand!

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